Surviving a wormhole warp bubble

If I go through a wormhole and find myself in a warp bubble with people patrolling it, is there any sensible way to survive it? I figure all I can do is try to creep out of the bubble before they tackle me, but that obviously never happens. Am I just dead in that situation?

Is it any easier in a covert ops ship?

Your only hope if it is HiSec WH. So just jump back to empire.

So jumping from one wormhole system to another is just hit and hope is it?

Only if it is hisec space on another side. Or LowSec - where is impossible to popup a bubble, but still they can catch you with scram.

Yeah I get that - I just mean if I’m in a wormhole system, and jump through a wormhole into another wormhole system, and there’s a bubble there, I’m toast. Jumping back will only put me back into the first wormhole system and I suppose they’d just follow me through and funk me up there.

I’m just working out how likely I am to die if I fly round wormholes solo. Very likely, by the sounds of it.

Im doing wh solo exploration something about 1 year and never seeing wh-to-wh camps =) Maybe I’m so lucky. Most of the ambushes I met was at HiSec entrances (especially near trade hubs) and Hi-to-Null corridors.

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Ah OK, good to know. Thanks Garruk.

One tip: launch scanner probes while trying to escape. Unexperienced gankers didn’t remove probes from overview and can miss you during targeting.



it depends really, if you are in a small frigates with MWD, burn back to the WH and jump through, they could still get you on the other side, or you could be lucky.

You are more likely to survive (on either side of the WH) if you have a cov ops cloak.

Yeah, like night and day, covert cloaking device is a must if you’re going diving.


You’re worrying too much. Escaping a bubble camp can be practiced in NS, but wormholes don’t have enough traffic to warrant anyone camping the exit. The only way that’s likely to happen if you happen to wander into a battle already in progress, or maybe if it’s 2 jumps from Jita.

There could be someone cloaky perched on the exit, but they’d try to catch you in a data/relic/combat site.

Mainly fly something you can afford to lose, and consider the occasional loss as a learning opportunity.

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Everyone saying it’s rare is right. I mostly don’t bother being hyper paranoid about this since the only times I’ve seen a bubble camp was directly at a hisec hole and the other time the guys were specifically hunting me. Never ran into a completely random one.

If you’re worried about it (which might be called for if you’re in a very active hole or something) one thing you can do is warp to a celestial within directional scanner range of the hole. You won’t see cloaked ships, but you will see deployable bubbles and interdictor probes.

Bubbles in wormholes arent rare, but its not impossible to get away.
You will have to have a small, fast and cloaky ship to get away though, because people will try and decloak you and bump you away from the wormhole.

Ive “out maneuvered” many bubble camps with a helios and with an astero, in wormhole space.

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Random wormhole bubbles are rare. You mostly see them when:

  1. Someone has spotted you, and correctly guessed the route you are going to take out of the system.
  2. High sec connections very close to Jita/Amarr, or in chokepoints of chains leadings to such a connection.

If you jump a wormhole, and land in a bubble, first of all DON’T PANIC!!! You have several options available to you, depending on what you are flying. Wait out your jump cloak, asses the situation, and plan your next course of action.

If you have a corp, and they live close enough that you estimate they can reach you and save you before you die, call out for help.

If you do not have a cloak fit, you can:

  1. Burn back towards the wormhole and jump. You should be able to get one cycle of MWD off before you get scrammed, which for many ships is enough to cover the distance back. Beware that the other side of the WH may also be bubbled.
  2. Look for the edge of the bubble which is nearest, then look for any celestial or anomaly that is in that direction. Now, usually whomever is camping the WH will be moving around a little, orbiting the WH at close range, for example. Hold your jump-cloak until they are all over 10km away, then align to the celestial you spotted, hit MWD/AB, and hope you make it out of the bubble and reach warp before they scram you or re-bubble. If you have a MJD fit, use that as well.
  3. Kill, neut out or jam the sabre and any other tackle, bun out of the bubble and warp out, or head back into the WH.

If you have a regular (non-covops) cloak fit, you can use your cloak. However, the people camping the bubble will now try to decloak you. To avoid that you can use variations of the cloak+MWD trick:

  1. Cloak and MWD towards the WH, you will get decloaked, but by that time you should be in range to jump the WH. Beware that the other side of the WH may also be bubbled.
  2. Cloak and MWD in a direction perpendicular to the path that the fastest ship opposing you will take to decloak you. He will burn straight towards the position that you cloaked, you want to get away from that line as fast as possible. Now you slowly drift out of the bubble. The campers will start flying around like mad, and throwing drones in all kinds of places in attempts to decloak you, but if you’re lucky they will fail. You now either wait until they get bored and leave, or until you’re drifted far enough that you can warp to safety.
  3. If you have a MJD fit, you can align, cloak and hit your MJD. This works the same as the cloak+MWD trick, you can activate any module for a few seconds after cloaking. You now MJD out of the bubble (this will cause you to decloak) and warp.

Your options if you have a cov-ops cloak fit are the same as for a non cov-ops cloak, except you move faster while cloaked and so have less chances of getting decloaked. You can still hit your MWD to burn out a bubble right after you cloak. Once you’re out of the bubble you do not need to decloak to warp away.


If you find yourself jumping into a bubble - your options are 1) crash (use mwd) back to the gate/wh and jump back out; 2) use mjd; 3) use mwd or ab and burn out of bubble; 4) hit mwd and then cloak and either aim for going to the edge of the bubble or back to the gate/wh; 5) cloak and slowboat in a chosen direction; and 6) fight it out. Obviously which you pick depends upon your ship, your fit, and your circumstances.

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