Alpha and micro jump drive

Is there some obvious reason forbidding alpha using micro jump drive?

I know that entosis and cloak is forbidden for obvious reason.
When I try to transfer some fitting to alpha version, almost most modules can be fitted or at least can use some low meta replacement. But there is no replacement for micro jump drive.

This module is not that imbalance for alpha in my opinion.
Should we at least give alpha this module functionally or some alternative ways?

I believe Alphas were given the ability to fly battleships to increase their participation in PVP fleets - group content, more destruction. Worthwhile addition to the game. We need more hunters.

MJD basically increases the ability to earn bounties from missions/anomalies - solo activity, more ISK added to the money supply. Not required - we already have plenty of farmers.

Nullsec is well represented on the CSM. If FCs want Alphas to fly battleship MJD doctrines CCP will get will get the message loud and clear.

My view is that CCP is considering moving towards F2P, but they need to be sure that things like skins, apparel and services via PLEX can support the game. So they’ll move towards it slowly. They are quite cognizant of the fact that EVE players are very, very, very hostile to overt P2W so they are moving slowly. So you may get this…just not today.

That is my theory at any rate. Maybe I’ve completely full of bat guano, but oh well.

yeah, subscribe you f*ckwit…

That being said I cant help but agree for once with Teckos Pech’s hypothesis…(FFS thats just wrong)

One more point? quit bringing up stupid garbage for CCP to think about on the forums besides the fact it makes you sound like a F2P supporter…


I can’t speculate on their use in PvP but a MJD makes missions and ratting in a battleship pretty well risk free for the attentive pilot.

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Welcome to the dark side…muahahahaha muahahahaha…okay enough of that.

If you’re fighting on a gate, it’s a second way out of the engagement. Deaggress, approach gate. If your opponent keeps scramming you, you take the gate. If your opponent doesn’t keep scramming you, you can MJD out usually.

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