MJD for Alphas

As I’m sure you all know, Micro Jump Drives are not usable by alpha characters. I have been wondering if CCP has looked into this as an issue yet? I ask for the following reasons:

Battleship performance: many nullsec fleet doctrines use this as a core mechanic. The ability to rapidly reposition is key to success, and having alpha characters unable to use it is affecting their gameplay immensely.

Battlecruiser performance: similar issue to BS’s, but it expands greatly in lowsec. Alphas use BCs extensively, due to being able to use their T2 weapon systems. Without the ability to jump points, they are almost universally a death sentence if you try to use them in the large plex FW environment. However, you essentially need a BC for clearing large plexes, so alphas are cut off largely from participating in them.

To me, these issues are large enough that it warrants time spent evaluating them. A core mechanic of high end alpha ships is being restricted, and I know many players who would be more likely to invest in the game if they didn’t feel like they had to either play Cruisers Online, or accept their death as soon as they’re pointed in a BC/BS.


I am certain they have, although it’s not an issue, it’s a decision that has been made.

This is very true.

Which could be why they are restricted to Omega accounts, maybe?

What, “high end alpha” really? I don’t think there is such a thing. The mechanic (Jump Drives) is restricted to Omega accounts. If you want to experience all the game has to offer, invest a little.

Ahh, they don’t, if they invest in the game (i.e. go Omega) they’ll be able to use all the ships and all the modules. If you’re not willing to invest after deciding that you definitely need to use BSes/BCs to their fullest extent then I don’t know what will get you to, and I don’t think letting alphas use all the cool modules/ships is the solution.



I understand your approach to it: give incentive to sub. Its valid, but it also is a bit shortsighted.

Let me put this in perspective. I have played nonstop (according to the wife) since 2012. Currently have 83m SP, and full max alpha skills. When CCP changed the alpha restrictions, I decided to run an experiment, and see how they affected gameplay. Barring a month recently, I have been alpha for just over a year. My conclusion has been that alpha state has no effect on how you play the game, except in the area of the MJD. I can live with ~10% less dps, and ~12% less cap from being alpha, and not have it make any change in how i fly.

Loss of the MJD on BC and BS hulls completely change how I use them, and honestly, using them for pvp is not viable without one. Look at the standard solo and small gang fits for all of those hulls, and you will almost universally see a MJD on them. It is a fundamental part of the ships use, and it cripples anyone flying without one in pvp.

Much the same as a grappler, which is restricted to battleships anyway, but allowed for alpha use, a MJD is part of what defines BC and BS hulls. They still have their appeal for subscribing, due to T2 large weapons and command bursts being behind the omega wall, but alphas cannot fly a BC/BS competently without a MJD. It is as arbitrary as the racial locks were when alphas came out, and I believe is something which needs to be reconsidered. After all, ccp have been more than willing to release and evaluate these days.

Given that half of them couldn’t even use a MJD until last year, I don’t think I’d agree.

I think you’re missing the point, though. At it’s core the Alpha system exist to sell the game. There has to be an arbitrary line drawn in the sand, where the limitations of an Alpha start causing players that reach that point trouble enough to make them consider upgrading to Omega. I don’t really see why this would be any worse a feature for that than anything else.

In fact it’s kind of perfect. A MJD is essentially a get out of jail free card that will get you out of a lot of situations where you’d otherwise be doomed. (Or, conversely, let you close on an enemy you’d otherwise not have a shot at.) What better way to get people to upgrade them have then thinking: “Oh damn it, if only I’d have subbed I’d have won this!!”

And I can understand your incentive, to enjoy the game while not paying for it, it’s valid but is also a bit shortsighted.

And this would be incorrect, an alpha state clone would have a massive effect on how I play the game, with no exceptions.

So it seems to me like you just want this particular module/feature tweaked ever so slightly so you no longer need to pay for an account but can still play ‘your way’… which I think is just cheap.



You can grind an extra work hour or few in real life each month to pay for your sub and use anything and everything EVE has to offer while also supporting the game. win-win for everyone

You still haven’t explained why you think I should subsidise your game-play - take your attitude to its (ridiculous) logical end and we’d all play for free, and CCP would exist on a diet of fairies and unicorns.

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So you want CCP to have no incentives for subbing? Sounds like a healthy way to run a business.

From your experiences, it sounds like CCP are way too lenient on the alpha restrictions.

Before alpha clones I couldn’t use a mjd if I didn’t sub either…


Looks like the Reddit trolls found their way onto the forums…

Let me make it clear for you: this is not about me wanting muh MJD.

This is about CCP needing to take a look at adding a module to the alpha lineup which allows alphas to fly with the same tactics as omegas. It is no different than them using a grappler. It’s a near necessity, and pretty much a core part of the character of the BS hull class.

And yes, I agree, shiny stuff should stay behind the omega wall. T2 hulls, Triglavian ships, links, caps, cynos, all need to be something you pay to use. Something which belongs on a hull an alpha is allowed to use should not be.

An alpha is meant to allow a new player to try out the game or a player to have some ability to play for free should their finances be slim. It is not meant to allow free play at the same level as omegas. Keeping them neutered in various fashions not only gives incentive to sub, but also keeps swarms of free alt accounts from preforming these functions.

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I suspect you will find CCP feels differently than you think:
“We hope that with a stronger free experience, we see more players staying around to play as Alphas even if they can’t subscribe right away. This makes EVE even stronger for all pilots, for as we know players are the content in New Eden.”


I am advocating a small tweak that would make veteran alphas more likely to keep playing, and make newbro alphas more successful, and able to participate in more content. Both angles are more likely to retain players and get them to sub.

That would depend on what the finding have been.

“Battleships are some of EVE’s most iconic ships and the most common aspiration for new players. We see them as an essential part of a deep EVE experience and so we want everyone to be train to fly them. We’ve also heard loud and clear from the CSM and from the discussions surrounding the announcement at EVE Vegas that Battleships are widely considered powerful and this might be scary territory for existing players. That’s why we’re holding back on Tech II Large weapons for now, and it’s also why we will watch behavior post release very carefully. If we see negative effects, we will make changes. We hope that isn’t necessary though and we believe that granting access to Battleships for Alphas will be exciting for everyone in New Eden.”

Swarms of free alt accounts in the most powerful subcap ships with the same tactical capabilities as a omega may not be the best for the game. As it stands you see Gnosis botters all over highsec clearing anomalies. If MWJ wasn’t added, it was likely for a reason.

Also to note, they are already seeing issues with Alpha and what content they have access to.


Given the ease of access to alpha characters that are competent for use in botting activities, the EVE Development Team is currently exploring the possibility of putting a few features behind a requirement to have an Omega character.

Right now, these explorations are in the early stages and aren’t nailed down, but may include things such as high level (level 4 and 5) courier missions, and other similar activities in New Eden."

If you have objections to adding MJD use for alphas, I am more than happy to hear your rationale for it. I have given mine, and think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

A vague fear of it being connected to botting somehow, or feeling that this one specific thing goes too far beyond what you feel alphas are entitled to is not really a solid counterargument.

Simple. MJD are a useful tool for battleships to evade attackers. If they don’t have a MJD th is makes it harder avoid dieing thus making it harder to bot tons of alphas in null and WH space.

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My rational for it is that a free account that can be multiboxed to allow a single player to multiply themselves should not have nearly the same tactical capability as a payed account. if there were a proper means of verifying that a alpha was tied to a single person and not a multiboxed alt, sure give them the same capabilities. However without it, giving free accounts an easier means to get out of danger fast, I’m not a fan of.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Alpha’s but I do understand that some people find themselves in an Alpha state for more reasons than “I don’t want to pay a sub to play”. That being said I agree with this. I’m failing to see the harm in giving an Alpha the option to use a Battleship and the weaponry to go with it but exclude specific mods. And yes there are a lot of doctrines that bank on the MJD as a core of it and you will be excluded from the fleet just for that one module.

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My other big issue is you said “many null sec alliances” use the MJD, null shouldn’t have a fleet of tons of disposable alphas thus increasing their numbers, not players. Eve needs more players, not alts.

You may not be aware of this, but if a computer has an alpha clone logged in, no other eve clients will run. So yes, you can create alpha alts, but you can’t multi box them. Sorry, no alpha alt army.