December Alpha update rebalance, CCP, please read, important

Greetings CCP. I ask everyone who posts not to provoke me, because bad things happen when people provoke others who have mental issues.
Let’s get to business. I have read the post that in December, CCP will give Alpha players more space to work around with. The post clearly stated that Alphas will be allowed to fly battleships, battlecruisers, and similar. I have been an Alpha myself for over a year, trying to PLEX my account, but now I just decided that paying is easier. Plus, I support CCP a lot, way to go, humans! EU has recently announced that pirating is actually increasing sales, so you can clearly analyze that giving a trial account is good for your company. But, what concerns me is, you are giving, or saying that you will, Alphas too much space. I don’t mean that our current position is good enough, but what I am saying is that giving battleships to Alphas is just a bit too far. I myself actually like the idea, but I think it would actually decrease CCP’s profit. What I would suggest is to give Alphas instead of a battleship accessibility, an Alpha mining barge. Don’t decrease its stats by a huge amount, just a bit. For example, maybe it’s shields should have ~5 K health and it’s cargohold would be 10 K space. Show them the freedom that they could have if they would be playing as an Omega. Also I suggest giving them an access to civilian mining drones then and making an Alpha type Strip Miners (please call them Alpha type, saying Civilian just makes you feel abused). Otherwise, I would like to thank CCP for their kindness to them as people. I can’t say that EvE community is a great community, but CCP definitely is. It has always been. strong text

How can you sell battleship skins to alphas if they can’t fly battleships. :thinking:

I do imagine micro-transaction profits with outrank subscription profits faster in many cases particularly if you have folks buying extractors to fuel demand for injecting past the 5m SP training cap to the 20m SP alpha skill cap.

Realistically OP, CCP is going to be fine in terms of money. More people to shoot in space with (on average) sub-optimal fits.

I’m going to give a hard no to increasing mining potential for alphas.

Alphas should be combat consumers not industry producers. Leave mining and production to Omegas to maintain economic balance and a bottom line for CCP profitability.

Technically, they are not limited to what they can buy, they are limited to what they can use.

Secondly, I disagree with you on the point of Industry. It is a big part of the game and everyone should partake in it.

its about maintaining the economy not alpha player gameplay

the more you increase what alphas can make the cheaper and easier it is to make mass alpha bot fleets. the one account active at a time limitation is already stupid easy to get around

I like the idea of allowing all factions, and that alpha players will only train 5 million SP. I have mixed feelings about battlecruisers and battleships, however I think pirate ships still should be limited to omega players.

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It’s the bot problem most people are worried about. If you give good mining potential to free accounts then botting would explode. CCP must be careful to ensure Alpha accounts are fun, but not capable of too much AFK income generation.

This is my biggest problem with the changes as well


Some pirate ships are rather important and make the advantage in some spheres of content too absolute. The Astero for example is very critical for W-space and not being able to use it, on top of not being able to realistically do combat sites (for good reason) means alphas struggle to participate in W-space on a level besides day tripping in scanships.

Alphas being able to fly good combat ships will help alphas destroy more material value in the game faster, which ultimately will be good for the T1 market which has sucked for ages, and will make them more valuable players for a larger array of corps, which is important as well because it is far more likely for an alpha to desire to plex if they have a social group that they want to earn esteem with than if they are just solo mining rocks faster for more money.

Not to mention that we really don’t need more flooding of the minerals market.

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Eve needs more destruction but already has more than enough production. Alphas have been given the ability to destroy a lot more but they have not been given the ability to produce any more.

The change also requires Alphas to pay for skillpoints beyond the 5 million they get now - either by training them as Omegas or injecting them. I suspect this will be a net positive for CCPs bottom line.

I think this is a good change for the game. CCP may need to make some adjustments to bounties or taxes to keep the money supply from growing too quickly once Alphas can run combat sites in battleships - that’s a solvable problem (though the solution won’t be popular).


Lived in wh for a long time and never found a need for this ship.

Also alphas can run the combat sites in wh no problem.

This I should what I am saying. Mining in a Venture doesn’t get you very far. A lot of players don’t do mining, because of their previous experiences in mining with Venture. Now, if you give them a limited feature mining barge, they will see the difference and how much boost it gives them. For example if they cut almost all of the features in half, including drones and strip miners, this would give them a better overview why Omega is so much better, and how much faster you are able to make money with it.

Thank you for your support, capsuleer.

I don’t think that alpha players will get access to cloaks, especially the cov-ops cloak, so the Astero won’t be nearly as useful as it would be for an omega. The Gila on the other hand is still a beast, even with only alpha level skills.

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If you’re going to give Alphas more then I feel (as an alpha pilot) Alphas should only be able to cross train will allied factions, so Amarr with Cal, and Gal with Min… No 4 way skills too keep pirate options down.

we have been trying to get CCP to split up the alliances for some time now and they seemed like they were about to do it before the FW changes got back burner so this would just cause confusion later

I just feel like this is too much… pirate ships, no more race lock, battleships?

BBs are fine they don’t seen\m to be given the skills to effectively use them, racial lock was dumb and pointless. All it did was make life hard on omagas trying to help them. the faction ships is to far

I thought it was fitting, just needed to be fleshed out especially in the secondary weapons areas… but that doesn’t matter now.

lol you clearly had no management role in a corp open to alphas then. its bad enough having to add doctrine around alpha skills it is a nightmare to do it around 4 variations of alpha skills