December Alpha update rebalance, CCP, please read, important

You can have several Alphas on one account so filling a Doc isn’t that hard.

what are you talking about?

You’re not limited to 1 clone per account.

that doesn’t help the corp accommodating them

Lol it doesn’t matter, I’m not opposed to any of these changes individually, I just feel all of them together is a but much… but I can see why, it makes Alphas more attractive to former Omegas, and gives new Alphas more incentive to try the Omega life.

Battleships and bc’s are not necessary for alphas, but whatevs.

I’m very glad to see more skills added on and its an absolute god send that all alphas will be pretty much the same now. And people will stop bitching about gallente industrial.

It would be really good if all the new skills are trainable upto 5mil sp without paying. Free alphas can specialise their skills and don’t have to train skills that do nothing for them (looking at you e-war).

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hello this is my suggestion for alpha clones. instead of all thet . only ships and itmes , gear wise…
do this for example make subscriptions available for all the items and ships thet alpha clones canot use.
another example: ship thet alpha cant use , mining ship other then venture cos its free. next better mining ship make it cos 10 plex or 20, just exampe and make it so u have to pay thet ammount of plex every month so u can drive it. buying it should be the same ISK… and make plex subscription for every ship and or item.
thet way even alpha clones can drive 1 or 2 ships thet they desire if they get enough ISK to buy specific ammount of plex for ship they want to subscribe for. and still i think even if u make it 20 plex for next good mining ship, make it double ammount of plex for even better one… or even more plex like 50 thet way even more people would be buying plex for real money… cos u dont even have 2 pay $15 for omega , and people who couldnt affor it can actualy pay like $5 or so every month and be able to play with 2 or 3 ships of they desire and some items… Let me know what you think about this idea

14B5E0C6-D6C5-4B39-9901-2A9DAE592B4A-209-0000000D3D4DA87F and please, next time, use less cursing. You aren’t that old yet.

Alright kids, Alphas are going to be getting the skills that CCP planned for them to get and the Player Features and Ideas board will continue to be where player ideas are ignored. I don’t know what you were hoping to accomplish, but I for one welcome a chance to see larger sub capitals in lowsec and null more often.

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Alphas were too restrictive initially. It’s good theyre being buffed. Can’t wait for the t1 battleship buffs either. It’s long overdue to buff them since they’re completely up right now against even 2-3 frigates.

Also I started as alpha in November and have been plexing since February or so. Only missed one month to a fried HDD and didn’t have my queue set to run while I was out so I wasted that month pretty much.

Free purple thingies for alphas or something.

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