Proposal - Tool to save, import & export routes

It would be nice to have a in game tool, that allowed for the creation of routes, save them under a name, export them (so we could share them if needed) and import.

It is really boring, when we have our own custom route for some purpose that we do frequently, to set all the waypoints, specially when we are talking of routes with 50 or 60 jumps.

Also an option to “reverse” the route (meaning do the same route in the oposite direction, to get back) would be usefull.


would have been better to put this under player feature and ideas… this section of the forum is for discussions towards CSM members

Will do. I was not aware of that section of the forum. Many thanks to point it out.
Is there a way to delete or close this topic from this section ? I do not want to spam the forum with the same repeated message.

you can move it… edit your first post and move it over.

Moved from Assembly Hall to PF&I.

wouldn’t it have made more sense to just lock this one as this forum already had a repost with people actually discussing it? or just merged them?

So it did. I’ll just close this one then. Thanks!

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