Dear CCP, what the Hek!

Please forget - total noob mistake from a returning player.

Thank you everyone who pointed out my mistake and helped to reeducate.

I guess what I should be asking for is that - the agency window reflects our choice in the navigation options - Prefer Safest, Prefer Shortest, Prefer Less Secure.

Check to see if you have any systems listed on your ‘Avoidance’ list, also might wanna deselect options to bypass Edencom and Triglavian controlled systems…

Wow, awkward capitalization there bud.

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I don’t use automatic route and when I receive route from agent I rework it because the game doesn’t give optimal travel route, it’s dumb as a post.
I work route by myself in galaxy map using waypoints from system to system. It take a bit more time by I like to create my own route.
Really have to love this game to play it because CCP does NOTHING to help players. All they do is rake in the cash. How sad.

Its not there to give you an optimal route, it will give you the shortest route and the safest route while avoiding any systems you specify, if you want an optimal route you are going to have to do it yourself

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That’s what I said in my post, Jack.

You also said

Implying that CCP should infact do something about optimal autopilot routes, if you’re using an automated system you should expect it to perform worse than doing the job yourself

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That’s what I said in my post, are you daft??

You have multiple routing options these days, to help players.

  1. Prefer high sec (stays in high sec, obviously. Can take longer as you avoid low sec)
  2. Prefer low sec (stays in low sec as much as possible, can take longer as you avoid high sec)
  3. Prefer shortest

It sounds to me like you want the absolute shortest route, right? Then use the shortest route option.

Also make sure you’re not avoiding any systems.

looks like every single people that awnser OP in this thread failed miserably to realize his point. I feel your pain OP.

Maybe you can explain it like you’re talking to 5-year-olds? LOL

The main point I got from the OP was that they were angry and wanted to show that to the rest of us on this forum.

I tried as best I could to find a secondary point that I could give an answer to, which seems to be that they are annoyed that the automatic route shows them a longer path than the shortest route:

To which the answer is to select the right routing option - ‘prefer shortest route’.

If there is another point to this thread, I’m terribly sorry that I could not make that out from the opening post.

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one of.the point is 13 or whatever 23 jumps for a mission is ridiculous…

Why is a certain number of jumps for a mission ridiculous if I may ask?

Never done missions, but I regularly do that many jumps for other activities so I have trouble seeing a problem here.

cause missions are done mainly in BS class ships. try to travel 23 jumps in a BS . Y gonna lose the whole morning just to get to mission system… not mentioning the way back to deliver the mission… so it will be like 46 jumps.

Then maybe try to do it instead in a faster ship? Or don’t do it if you think it is not worth the trouble? Or deliver the mission in a shuttle?

So many options.

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Thank you all for your feedback - going to edit the OP

I totally failed like a noob on this. I had thought I had checked safest or shortest but had rather checked safest and prefer low-sec. Thank you all for pointing this out.

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I fixed that for you, since the entire point of automation in the real world is to do things better than a human can do them manually in some fashion.

It was implied, if people needed clarification for that then they need to go back to school

It depends.

I would say for creating/manufacturing it’s that automation is designed to do things “better than an average” human can do, faster and more accurately than a human can do.

The difference is that you could hire a highly skilled/ artisan type of chef, engineer, artist, etc creator person and have an end product nicer than an automation could produce but it would be made at a slower pace and more costly to produce. The automation is good at replication fast but not one-off high quality.

For something mundane like data entry then automation is better than a human because it doesn’t make mistakes over many iterations if programmed correctly whereas the human would eventually make a mistake.

In real life an automated navigation system is only as good as the developers programmed it and still there might be room for human creativity and situational awareness that the original creators didn’t think of when they designed it.

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