Changes to highsec paths

I’m a returning player and I could use some pointers on where to look for info.

I understand that the trigs had some event and they took over some systems.
Seems highsec paths were changed and now when I set path (let’s say from amarr to jita) it goes through low sec while in the past it was only through high sec systems.

So if I got it right when you travel between empires you will need to go through low sec now?

is this change permanent?

One example where it might impact the game is the Sisters of Eve arc, I usually ran through it for standings but now as it go through lowesec to get there any special rules set by ccp for those systems or it’s free for all?


Change your autopilot settings

I’ve changed it to “prefer0.5 to 1.0” , and “avoid trigs systems etc…”
Any other settings I should change?

still takes me through lowsec


Just checked myself. If you have avoid trig systems enabled it will go thru one lowsec system. Without it it’s 45 jump route.

Unless you attacked any edencom ships, their wont attack you and trigs will shoot you. Only solution for now is adding those systems ( to your avoidance list and hope for hisec path. I didn’t tested myself if there is one.


oh ok tested it as well
looks alright though I remember that Amarr to jita was like 10-12 jumps in the past.
Might as well go through lowsec to save time.

We lost Niarja so that’s why everything is a mess. Just remember to scout ahead for gate camps before you jump to lowsec. If you don’t have alt, you can dock your ship at nearest hisec station and scout in your pod. If there is nothing on gates, go back into ship and try to pass thru.

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Nope… there is a 40 odd jump through highsec from jita to Amarr. However it will take you through minor victory systems.

So if you have those on you avoid list the next possible route is lowsec.


Probably. Triglavians took the 27 systems they won completely and destroyed the stargates. They linked them all together with their own stargate things into a sort of weird Triglavianland. The only way we capsuleers can get into it is via wormholes or filaments.


It may not matter - the Triglavians seem able to open wormholes and raid systems still, so even if you avoid all the minor victories etc, you still could meet up with a Trig blob. Probably even in highsec.

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thanks everyone
Sounds like an exciting changes to the game.

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So far, player reports are clear that trig wh’s are only open from k-space or j-space to trig space. Not from trig space to “our” space.

It’s more like wh’s are used to invade trig space rather than trigs opening or using wh’s.

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