Inconvenience of trafiic for cargo drivers

As the invasion of Triglavians, the fallen of Niarka made traffic from Amarr, Khanidi to Jita extremely troublesome as cargo drivers have to take more than 50 jumps to trade required goods, while originally, we only need about 20 jumps with all high sec from Amarr to Jita.

the production of Caldari zone is quite different from Amarr’s, hence a fast and secure connection is needed between the business centre of those2.

Is it possible to open a new route so that the transportation between Amarr and Jita will be faster?

Also, will there be a systematic solution to resolve the traffic blockage caused by Trigs invasion?
like construct more new star gates to connect more high sec zone to reduce redundant and boring time on the way.

No, we’re not just going to remove invasion stuff actual players fought for just because it inconveniences you. I think that the Pochven region is dumb but that’s more of a “standings required for gates” issue and not a “niarja gets yeeted into the abyss” issue. Try finding another way, like a jump freighter/

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You mean like EDENCOM victories have been removed as Trig fleets now roam and gate camp EDENCOM victory systems? (& gatecamp all systems they can appear in as Empire forces don’t engage them)
Or does your aggression only apply to things that might help high sec residents, not hinder them.


It would “seem” that in the age of chaos and destruction, this is what CCP wants. Ask for this again in a year or two.

Honestly that’s dumb too. The whole invasion has been a mess but “it inconveniences me” just isn’t a good rationale for change.

Ask for what? EDENCOM systems to actually belong to EDENCOM, not be treated as Trig victories?

You should know as well as I do by now that it’s going to take CCP at least a year to clean up the mess they made and we would be lucky with that timeframe. I’m still pissed from 2012 but you don’t hear me whine. Grow a spine…

You don’t really need a quick link between amarr and jita. You just want one.

The terrain changed by the actions or inaction of players. We made our bed. Now we lie in it.

It would also be convenient for me to have a single hi-sec jump between all the trade hubs. But convenience doesn’t make for an interesting game.


Seems like making it more time-consuming to trade between Jita and Amarr was one of the main points of the change. They want to have two real, distinct, markets, to make trading and hauling more meaningful professions. I also kind of like that it just makes the universe seem bigger. If it were me, I’d go further that direction. Let’s make a region of low sec that branches off some remote part of Aridia that isn’t in jump range of anything. Maybe give it small quantities of all the mats needed to manufacture your own stuff so you can go live off the land there… Let’s give a reason to develop some of the hi sec islands. That kind of thing. I like feeling like location matters. I like having the option to be somewhere really “remote” in the game, having to think through what supplies you bring with you, what self sufficiency capabilities you need, etc.

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I am not meaning to remove invasion stuff.
I just want to add stargates between several key places, like Amarr and Jita, to reduce time cost.

That’s exactly what you want. People fought to decide the fate of those systems and you just want to tell them to go ■■■■ themselves because the major change they enacted is no more.

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Well, to be fair, goons pushed Niarja to final liminality as a troll. So, it’s not exactly like it was decided by the people that actually live in HS.


Now, don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that the change should be rolled back or anything. I just wanted to remind everyone that Goons are to blame.

Also, Pandemic Horde hasn’t closed recruitment during the war. So, if someone was inclined, they could join Horde with an alpha and get some revenge.

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Oh noes, the horror!

Look, the whole point of the changes in the game, which also caused your “inconvinience” was to cause inconvinience. This change was meant to bring change itself, which is why it’s here and going to stay.

What you want would undermine the whole thing. The point is that you are now “suffering” an inconvinience. The world changed and you have to change with it … or not, if you don’t want to, but then you’ll be quitting.

I don’t think it’s worth quitting the game just because your trips are taking longer now.

Travel from Jita to Amarr is more inconvenient now, but I guess that was the intention of this Trig invasion.

I haven’t yet tried the trig stuff much, but did it not also add new opportunities of travel? I’ve heard there are new filaments to trig space from anywhere, and filaments from trig space to high sec, is that true?

That surely should make hauling more convenient in some situations!

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