Several observations with regard to the Triglavian invasions


So I made some observations that I wanted to share as there are some issues that need fixing. I’ll start with the most important one: the autopilot.

When plotting my course from Amarr to Jita, I noticed that the system of Niarja was on my autopilot route. This is with the autopilot set at prefer safer (0.5-1.0). When adding Niarja to the avoid list and changing the autopilot setting from prefer shortest back to prefer safest to refresh, Niarja is still on my route!!!
There is an alternative route between Amarr and Jita, but why isn’t the autopilot picking it up when Niarja is on the avoid list and the setting is on prefer safer??
This is making things a lot harder and more dangerous then they need to be, even if players take all the precausions they can.

Other observations I have made in systems with a minor triglavian victory are:

  • The time for conduits to respawn seems to have gone up up to the point that it can take over 2 hours for a new site to spawn and this goes for minor and major conduits;
  • The number of wereposts that are dropped has been tuned down and seeing 2 wherepost is now extremely rare. The time for a werepost to respawn seems to have gone up and it can take over 2 hours for it to respawn;
  • Roaming fleets have become more rare and the time for a roaming fleet to respawn seems to have gone up;

The reason why I am bringing this up is because people still want to interact with the Triglavian content, but not everyone want’s to be in the grindfest all the time. They want to enjoy the more challenging encounters without it being dogpiled and a race against time.
For these people, there is less and less that they can do. I’ve lead fleets of 10-12 people into Triglavian Minor victory systems and we usually run out of content within 2 hours, sometimes even within an hour!

I understand you want to avoid things becomming farmable with high respawn rates or unaccessable because of encounters that are too challenging. I also understand that you want to have an incentive for players to be mostly active with the current tug of war and invaded systems.
There are a lot of players that are trying to make the best of a situation where they don’t get to do anything except blop emerging conduits and maybe the occasional minor conduit for 99% of their available time to play the game.The windows for being able to run a major conduit or even an observatory flashpoint or world ark assault are extremely small and a very big group of players is unable to experience that content.

Can you please have a look at these issues and give the autopilot system and the Triglavian Minor victory systems some love?


And to answer some points that are very likely to be raised:

The autopilot is a good way to plot a route and still manually warp to each gate at 0. This is an ingame tool to help players navigate.
Sometimes a system is unavoidable or getting somewhere means that you still have to travel through low-sec. However it has been established that there is a route that keeps you in high-sec, when travelling between Amarr and Jita and not going through Niarja. So something is clearly not working the way it should

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you mean “avoid” … you have not set AP to avoid systems on your avoid list . as for selecting safer , AP does not seem to recognize the adjusted security of liminal systems …

Thank you for the correction. I had added Niarja to the avoid list, not ignore. I’ve corrected the post.

Works fine for me. In addition to avoiding Niarja you need to check “avoid systems on your avoidance list”!

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