Niarja bypass

I originally put this in the one line bad idea thread, but let’s see if it’s an actual conversation worth having.

So the problem is simple: with the loss of Niarja, the hi-sec route between Jita and Amarr went from 9 jumps to 45, having an impact on the economy.
My solution is to set up a new gate between Aclan and Madirmilire. This is a relatively short distance in space, and it would reduce the number of jumps between Jita and Amarr to 19, which is still significant, but much better than the current route.

Who would do something like this? Well, a few corporatins.

  • Edencom is likely. While they did a decent job during the invasion, they have failed spectacularly to realize that not all systems are equally important. They were protecting low traffic systems, and not one of the main trade routes that doesn’t even have viable alternatives. It would be understandable if they were feeling a little bad because of this, and would invest in two Upwell gates to make things a little better. This would have the added bonus of more people are able to see and use these cool structures.
  • Another likely corporation is Quafe. While they had nothing to do with the invasion, canonically they are interested in good relationships between the Amarr and the Gallente. They could negotiate and convince the empires to set up two titans, to function as a two-way jump bridge. This would also be a good opportunity to release a Quafe SKIN for the Erebus, which we don’t seem to have yet.
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Why would the devs do this?

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Whether or not the devs would do something like this is not really important here. The question is what the players think about the idea itself. If there is something that should be done with the situation, to offset the unprecedented damage of the invasion. Niarja is arguably the most important system that was lost.

I’m happy with how things are. I trade in all the hubs, all it does is make for different opportunities.

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it’s a horrible idea that serves to effectively remove all of the hard work players put into flipping niarja all because some high sec scrub lords are lazy and want their short travel path back


I believe that cutting the express route between Jita and Amarr is one of the best things that has happened for the Eve economy in a long time and players determined the outcome.

How the markets will adapt has yet to be determined and things will likely remain in flux until the dynamic redistribution phase of the ecosystem update is fully deployed but I suspect Amarr will benefit from the isolation - picking up a lot of business in the south and south east.


I’m going to reserve judgement for now. What I can say, however, is that I spend a lot more time traveling nowadays, and less time doing the things that I enjoy.

Lol, there is a bypass with a less then 10j guaranteed connection between Jita and Amarr. Fast travel was never easier than after the last patch.

Hey mister. Wanna buy some filaments?

Because they have already hinted at this in the news.

I still think a somewhat long high sec connection and a much shorter low sec connection between the two parts of space would be nice to facilitate travel.

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Of course it is.

It’s the devs that push the button that’ll make it happen.

Players discussing whether something should be done or not is neither a feature nor an idea.

The idea is that you want a new gate connection. But you should say why it would be better for the game.

Can someone post a link?

Essential military and industrial traffic is flowing between Empire and State at “acceptable levels” according to the Amarr Trade Registry. Exploratory planning for establishing a new primary civilian stargate link is said to have begun but there has been no public commitment from the Amarr Empire or Caldari State as yet.

So the idea is to give players agency and now they are teasing taking away that agency?

Is it really agency if you don’t know what the effects of your participation will be? Flipping Niarja to a different sec status is one thing - having it cut out of the map is another.

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If they add a new connection it should be LS or NS, but NOT HS. Anything else would be unaccaptable.

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Technically it is still agency yes. Players wanted to cut highsec in half. And that’s what CCP are teasing at reversing.

Very few people, if any, care if Niarja is null or pochven. They care if Jita is easily accessible from Amarr or not.

I think a shorter lowsec connection between Jita and Amarr would be nice. I tend to agree that a new highsec shortcut would be dumb. 100% personal opinion, of course.


They took that away already when they decided to nullify consequences for Trig supporters. They took it away when they decided that Trigs supporters should not even have any consequences while the invasion stage was running. They also took it away from Serenity when they decided, for whatever technical excuses you want to bring forth, that both servers should be the same in terms of Trig presence. The entire server decided to not let trigs win, but CCP said: Nah uh. You get the win anyway. They also hampered it by allowing Caldari Navy to leave their stations and kamikaze themselves into the Trigs, invalidating all the agency Edencom put into Caldari systems.

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Nom nom tears.