Niarja Pre-pochven

I don’t really play EVE anymore, but I found some archived footage from ages ago that I thought I’d share with the community.

I thought it might interest you, as this happened with Niarja (and killed a lot of trade and traffic) and it’s probably going to happen again with this new expansion.

So kinda relevant.

Anyway, cya.


True, which begs the question. How does it profit CCP to hurt the game in this manner? I don’t hear anyone asking for (or supporting) these types of changes?

Checks PCU/Average players…I think you are a bit off on your assessment.

After each big “update” people come back to see if CCP has come up with something new or fixed old issues. Usually they are disappointed and leave again. Only time will tell if this expansion breaks that trend.


While true, this currently is the largest peak since after Scarcity.

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Niarja is in a better place now. But free Niarja salt is always good.


ZZ needs to be looked at imo.

I get the danger aspect. BUt…allowing bubbles with no D-scan was not the smartest call. Allow the bubbles, allow the d-scan would be nice.

Shipcaster…meh, you can assume that is camped most times and be right often. I gate it.

Its hampering restocks imo. I have felt bad about some crap fits I have flown out. Not by choice. what the market will bear frankenstein fits.

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How (exactly) is Niarja a “better place”. And, what about the route it was once a part of?

Does this new expansion threaten places like (for example Uedama) which are vital trade-routes to Jita?

Or (if I understand it correctly) the corruptable systems are only those near faction warfare areas in lowsec?

It only affects some border hi sec systems, so far.

Like the vard campaign jsut past didn’t spread to be a threat to rens. It didn’t even reach osoggur that I recall. It stayed .5 no corruption.

if one’s business ran through amamake (low sec), yeah that place got more interesting at stage 5.

But so far its only like a few days if that depending on if system fought for well. this last run from vard amarr/min mil had nice suppression in some systems I will say.

PIrates won, fob moved and stage 5 corruption clears up real fast.

also many things in place don’t make it truely lawles, imo. As some bomber pilots found out. Bombs kill wrecks and stuff in aoe and give sec hits. concorde cares less, but they still care a little lol.

Off the top of my head Rens is a 0.8 sec status system so it can’t spread there due to game mechanics.

Thanks OP, this clarifies your opinion as being uninformed.

That’s the hope, cutting off the Jita-Amarr pipe and killing traffic for the juicy loot drops! A lot of people are excited, the PCU is up. I expect nullblocs to camp the gates once the pipe hits corruption 5. It’ll only last a few days at most though, the way things are going. So overall not a big deal in the grand scheme of the economy.

(And as usual, the „Eve is dying“ doomsayers are still here :rofl:)

the people who say “EVE is dying” dont know that CCP gets $5M every year from the iceland government. They also dont know that CCP manage to raise millions of dollars on top of this every other year from people who dont know any better. But sooner or later reality will win and EVE will die (prematurely) :slight_smile: Slowly then suddenly

True. But by i could scare off some folks for the day or so.

It jsut be interesting to see if someone blows off warning takes the corrupted gate if it reached say abudban (.7).

Anyone else saw “ninja pre-pochven”?

The people here and on the subreddit are not representative of the playerbase. In fact, I’d say they are far more toxic and nothing like the actual playerbase.

Here and reddit is not that bad…for some stuff anyway. Both empire and pirate FW have put up nice original posts of complaints…with solutions.

Granted some short on brain cells, errr tact, has to come in and muck it up. that is the internet however lol.

And even the non internet posting people didn’t like this change really. as it never really did what it was supposed to. It was part of the grand scheme to reduce people getting rich in eve.

Didn’t work. A decent chunk of my wallet was sales of gear I had rotting basically when I played full time years ago. Unwanted, 200%+ increase in prices…sold!

And the 0.0 blocs and others are better at working the game economy than the devs are really. I may have taken my jabs at say famed 0.0. like Mittens as many did. But old boy could game this game. I will give him that.

I miss the old route between Caldari and Amarr space, but mainly because I split my missioning between those two areas, which is not great now. There’s still the shortcut via lowsec in Ahbazon, for those resourceful enough to beat the camps.

What I noticed about the loss of Niarja is that Amarr has developed into a much more thriving trade hub compared to Rens and Dodixie due to the difficulty (or boredom jumping 40 systems) in accessing Jita, and I think that’s a good thing. I do miss flying back and forth the two regions easily, but if I didn’t mission in both Domain and the Citadel it wouldn’t bother me half as much.

Now if they were cut off completely that’d be really scary.

This is supposed to be a sandbox. Sandbox means that players should not cry to developers when something happened that THEY were able to prevent and decided not to.

Niarja was one of the locations targeted by Triglavians. If people were bothered enough to save it, it would’ve been saved, like tons of other Edencom systems.

People of highsec didn’t bother to show up to fight for something they care (apart from some brave souls who we should celebrate), why do you blame CCP?

Except this is false information. I was there. Niarja could not be saved, it was programmed loss by CCP - it was not one of the “savable” systems. I participated in several Edencom fleets to save surrounding systems, and we were sucessful in many.

Saying players are crying for something they could prevent is a false statement, because you could not.

Yeah sorry but no. It’s a side topic so I won’t go into it, but Niarja was a rigged fight and a programmed loss. Plenty of details on it from back then, just google it.

I don’t personally care about Niarja so it’s no skin off my back, but trying to play the “it’s your own fault for not defending it” card is just misinformation BS.