Amarr region becoming desert

Ok, so at the beginning I want to say that I wasn’t against falling of Niarja, now I don’t know. I hoped that maybe game would be more interesting and exciting beacuse of this. Some people even claimed that Amarr region would thrive. But the opposite is starting to happen. For example if you want to buy Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers you will pay in Amarr 3mil ISK, in Jita 53k ISK. Ok maybe there is one sell order in Deepari which is 4 jumps away from Amarr where you can buy one for 180k ISK but it doesn’t change anything. And I’m sure there are and there will be more examples of horrendous diffrence in prices of ship modules and etc.
Maybe everything would be okay if you only can travel with small, fast, transporting ships through Niarja using cloak trick, but recently you can’t do even this everytime. Another question is why it sometimes works and sometimes not?

CCP are you really want us to move to Jita from Amarr and make Amarr desert?

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If the Triglavians invade Jita then all your problems will be solved. Wait and see.


Maybe it will solve the problem but only if some advanced in manufacturing players decide to stay at Amarr and sell stuff to us. Me and many of newbs playing for example in Amarr region can’t manufacture stuff on their own. We can’t buy things paying millions of ISKs. So for now the solution is: move to Jita.

If Jita gets invaded successfully, game will die, or only a handful of players with enough isk and industry setup to build their own stuff locally will remain, and that wont save CCP.

Wait and see.

Fyi: Average waiting time to build a single and half-competent Industry alt = 4 months.

If items are selling for 3 mill in Amarr and 53k in Jita, someone will eventually take advantage of that to supply them. Just give the market and manufacturing types some time to adjust.


Death to the amarr


If there is demand, someone will supply that demand, but it won’t happen overnight. Higher prices will attract suppliers which will force prices down until an equilibrium is reached. For meta modules like the example inertia stabilizer, this will happen quickly. Mission runners aren’t likely to haul their loot to Jita if they can sell it for more in Amarr!


I understand how market works but we dont know how much time it will take the market to solve the problem. Its not cool to wait for a few days until someone decide to travel 40 jumps from Jita to Amarr with ship modules. People have jobs.
And as I said, from my perspective, if I just could travel through Niarja with small transporting ship using cloak trick, the problem temporarily will be solved, at least for me. I would go for ship modules to Jita by myself, and that would be kinda funny, but now even this is almost impossible. And what about advanced players with tons of stuff to buy/sell? I don’t envy them.

Fly through Thera instead.

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Or Drifter holes…



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By the way, yesterday I noticed that CN Plutonium L cost 90k ISK in Amarr. thriving

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Wrong question. CCP wants everything to be a desert because only in deserts Survival Of The Fittest works how CCP imagines this stuff. This company is dangerously clueless and incompetent and loves being like that.

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I sense some salt in the air… :slight_smile:


Thanks for tips. I don’t know what they are but i’ll read about them.

Drifter holes are New Eden super highway, they make every region just a few jumps away.


And now imagine that the invasion will probably last another six months, maybe more or less. The cosmic “highways” will be even more cut, logistics will be extremely ungrateful. The prices of items, ships and supplies will be unstable and chaotic for a very long time, even when this embarrassing circus with the invasion is over.

But that’s the way it is when the creators of the game live with the conviction that their every decision is flawless and serves to improve the quality of entertainment for players. At least we have a rare, after all, opportunity to watch everything fall apart through one controversial idea with an invasion in the game that has survived so many years and so many obstacles. Let’s appreciate it.


They are not as conveniently mapped as Thera, though. Their NPC gate rats are a bit problematic as well.


Inded, you have to visit systems with Jove obsevatories and find a good one in around your staging system and your desto, but you’ll find the route no matter what.
In Thera on the other hand, you’ll have to wait for the good connections.

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And yet the eve playerbase still wants filaments. Very disappointing.

Do you know where I can get a spreadsheet version of that list of observatories? Dotlan doesn’t seem to list them :thinking:
I would rather not flip through 25 web pages writing all of them down.

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Idk, generally i filter by regions and show all results, that’s better.