Obviously from the pile corpses at Niarja(sp?) and the collapsing economy of Amarr prime, this has been, errrmmm, disruptive. Obviously it’s had a great effect on trade.

I’m not sure how the Trig systems are going to be played, but I imagine they’ll stay on as permanent fixtures of the game after the Triglavian invasion has finished. Or at least I hope they will - the idea’s kind of cool. But there has been a lot of hand-wringning about the Jita/Amarr route.

I have an idea. As kind of a crescendo event, there could be a “take back Niarja” event. Will hisec carebears (such as self) manage to throw off the yoke of the evil Triglavians and their hordes of pirate gankers, or will they meekly submit to Amarr being cut off forever from Jita?

Thoughts? Maybe a week long campaign?

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It could be accompanied by, say, clandestine alliance warp gates being set up, so that it wouldn’t turn into one giant gatecamper gankfest. Destroying these gates could be an event for the pirate lords of Niarja and their minions, and destroying Triglavian targets, an event for the Saviors of Hisec.

Or we could not. You carebears didn’t bother to defend your system when it was threatened, why should CCP bail you out and give you another chance?


No. You carebears had you chance to prevent it from flipping. Once it hits final liminality, it’s permanent.

You lost it because either you didn’t care enough to pay attention, or you weren’t organized enough to front a successful resistance. Either way, you had your chance and lost it. Deal with it, kid.


I find this event rather fascinating. And deeply amusing.
To me its got a very simple fix, If the Amarians cant get back and forth to and from Jita, all they have to do is move their trade hub. This might be a long and tedious project, but its actually their most logical choice I would think. The other option that I can see is to simply get their own fleets into Niarja and do some defense, but I seriously don’t see that happening. Considering they lost to NPC’s in the first place, they might find real players a bit too daunting. Besides, knowing them they would try to send slaves to do it for them, and and that’s not likely to go well either.
I think the idea of a “take back Niarja” event is sort of a good way to defeat the purpose, which, as I understand it, was to reduce stagnation. The “loss” of Niarja is, as others have pointed out, their own doing, or lack thereof.
The Minmatar trade routs to Jita were defended vigorously and have not had this happen to them, those systems are now firmly under the control of Edencom, for better or worse. So no, I think this is a poor idea, its fine to want things to go back to how they were, but in reality that rarely works out the way one would expect.

I have a suggestion.

Let there be invasion somewhere on the remaining high-sec route Amarr (Oris) - Jita 4-4.

Will you cooperate and get your ■■■■ together to defend it, or let Amarr empire be completely isolated?

P.S. since i have alts all around high-sec and don’t get caught in low (instawarp, yeah), i don’t care. Let the galaxy burn.

Actually I think it’s interesting. But it could be an interesting event, no? Lots of PVP?

Yes. It is their way.

The filth down there stood down when niarja was under attack and blamed foreign meddling, only to ask for divine intervention the next day, the moment their own precious trade hub is confronted with the decline that is now temporarily halted in Rens.

Amarr is now the backwater region beyond the republic.

So, you seem to be saying “The carebears should have organized and fought the Goons (or whoever flipped Niaria)”
… I kinda feel the urge to explain what a “carebear” is :smiley:

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At the risk of sound like a former AAA member…

Let the Slavers market riot!

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