Ignoitton is invaded! And it can go final liminality!

Folks, let me reason with you. Any self-respecting empire dweller doesn’t like carebears. But what should we hate even more than that? Nullbears.

Ignoittion is a lowsec system three jumps from Jita, that is often used by jump freighters. While that’s already a nice enough reason to take a system, JFs could just go somewhere else. Know what’s also in the system, though? TTT’s lowsec base of operation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the closest we as empire plebs will ever be able to come to doing damage to the nullsec cartels. Zorya Triglav has never been in greater need of Kybernaut aid than they are now. Ignoitton must be delivered unto the Flow, and nullbears must be extirpated.

Are you a Kybernaut? Zorya needs you now more than ever. Are you an empire dweller that’s mad about Vily’s empty promises to defend Niarja? Now’s your chance to strike back at TEST. Glory to Zorya Triglav. Dazh liminality proceedes.


What ship should I bring?

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Most people bring kitchen sink to these kinds of things, EDI uses zero-tank sniper Nagas to clear our Triglavians. I’m not sure how well they work against Fed Navy rats, but it’s probably the most cost-effective site running ship you can use.

MJD, two optimal range sebos, three targeting range tracking computers, mag stabs, one medium cap rig and two hybrid damage T2 rigs. Plutonium if you’ve got good large hybrid skills, thorium if you don’t. I’m doing this by memory, I’ll get you a proper fit in a sec.

Kybers tend to run machariel fleets but that might be a little too blingy for lowsec if you’re alone.

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So, battleships?

Can I bring my drake?


Faction battleships would probably be required if you’re solo. Which again, I wouldn’t take one in to a lowsec solo, especially Igno. ABCs run sites fast enough and are much, much more disposable though. Nagas are ideal, but Oracles and Tornados work too. Taloses take too long to clear sites out and aren’t really worth it in comparison.

Once you get in Igno, a Triglavian Invasion channel will pop up and you could ask in there for an invite to the Triglavian in-game channel. Apologies for not being able to help you more, I am but simply a Jita alt that wants to watch the world burn.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vily compensates people for killing Kybernauts in Igno. He couldn’t be bothered to go to Niarja when it was invaded, so I doubt he’d personally do anything for Ignoitton either. That being said, TTT is a huge deal to him, so I’m sure he’ll be doing as much as he can besides actually committing to the system to make sure it goes EDENCOM.

Since you’re CODE, you could similarly just kill people running for EDENCOM in the system since it’s lowsec. Morale is a huge thing in these invasions, and demoralizing people having to run the content might be more effective than running it. Although be warned that Gallente systems tick slightly towards EDENCOM if no players are running for either side, so you’d have to kill some EDENCOM rats eventually.


Kybers seem to care more about high sec system than that low sec one. I dont think Ignoiton will became any liminality.

They just need to hold it for few days in recon phase to timeout and no trigs and no edencom happens then, will be normal system. Its like nothing happened.

If you bring there any naga or other ship like that, I am sure you will lose it on gatecamp.

One with lots of bling :skull_and_crossbones: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I only have four ships:
Corvette for pods
Catalyst for carebears
Vexor for fun
Talos for money

I think I flew a battleship once. It felt like flying around in a space station. Warping was so slow, it was like tidi. You could go make a sandwich by the time you came out of warp. By the time I got there, I forgot where I was going.


Killing people running for EDENCOM might be more in your wheelhouse then. I see you’re not currently in CODE, but if you’ve got any friends from there around, it might be worth going out there and doing as such. Once Ala is finished up, kybers should be heading to Igno to push the system. As Nana said, they seem more interested in taking hisec than lowsec.

You don’t have the best ship in EVE? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The people who fly that ship are a cult.

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Minmatar BSes fly like Amarr cruisers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, is this where we see The Imperium fighting for Edencom? :thinking:

It’d be pretty funny if the Imperium put more effort in to defending Vily’s assets than Vily himself. It’s not like TEST is actually going to try and defend it.

After the fall of Niarja, I read a piece on INN that mentioned Ignoitton implying it’s a common part of the route to Jita from the south.

No wonder the CSM is trying so hard to get CCP to change their plan.

I’ve just heard that Vily is acting just as predicted: paying both sides to keep out of the system so that nothing happens. How unsurprising that someone who crusades against the Imperium for “krabbing” wants to keep his profits from said krabbing.

Empire dwellers, is this the fate you will be resigned to? Licking the boot of someone who seeks to destroy YOUR markets for his own benefit?

This is the Age of Chaos. Nullbears like TEST want to keep everything the same. Do not let them. Liminality is imminent.

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Vily’s paying of all the major parties that could do anything there. Goons won’t do anything becase there’s an agreement around the TTT that they won’t attack any TTT assets. As per usual, empire dwellers are being made to lick the boots of the nullbear krabs. Sad, but not surprising.

The highsec gate is heavily camped, it looks like.