Why are none of the Major Capsule Empires taking the time to create new gate links?

Hi here, just a small South point Minatamar Salvager.

But, I want to ask the question that has been nawing at my clone mind.

Why has no one come forward and suggested creation of new gate connections?

The Capsule Empires would profit immensely by creating new jump bridges or jump gates creating shorter lines of commerce.

Now that might threaten the major hubs like Jita. But we need to off set the Trig Invasion hitting all the major strategic keypoints. Which is one of the problems at hand, we have to consider from this point forward. Currently Bei is about to fall. Which will cut off a good chunk of the South from Jita and elsewhere.

I also would like to point out the current issue with the Trig attack points.
I have been in Caldari space its a living nightmare. Trig Gate camps literally have bodies piling up. If you are an autopilot player you are toast 0m Jumps are the major point right now.
The gate camps are so powerful, not even battleships can make it through. Maybe a Titan but who would try to use a Titan to bust a gate camp?

I would like to remind the Null Sec Capsuler Empires and Corporations, that the major cross roads in the south are being invaded as well. Meaning Null Sec Out Rim is about to be cut off from resources in High Sec Mid Rim and Core.

This creates and opening. For Empires in the Mid and Core High Sec and Periphery to start creating gate highways. selections of open gates to connect for all. Increasing trade and resource flow. Or even stealthy and smuggling. Aka “password” locked. [Toll-Road] Jump Gate Pathways.

Select a group of capsulers map out planets near stars that the Trigs tend to avoid. Begin to the formulate the new Gate Paths. It will benefit all.

You seriously think you’re the first who came up with this idea, really?


Four small high-sec islands surrounded by low-sec space on all sides is how empire space should have been like from the beginning. I can only hope that all of the main connectors will be severed.


This is not a design goal, in fact this is something to be avoided at all costs.


This has happened multiple times in the recent history of New Eden.

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Because it would make too many things easier and easy isn’t what EVE is about.

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Well, OP…

Yes, that is the kind of thing what would most likely be tried if this were as RL situation

but it’s not…

This is of course CCP’s game world, and they are attempting to foment conflict and crisis.

Seems to be working if that is the purpose, eh?

I just wish things were more driven by player actions than npc/ccp…sanbox vs themepark and so…

and yes, you are hardly - to say the least - the first to bring the subject up.


oh next hes gonna suggest a gate to stain, watch out


If this were a real life situation, it would take years to build these stargates, and the empires are dealing with faction warfare and an invasion, so they don’t have resources to dedicate to long-term civil infrastructure.

lmao, someone just found out about Niarja


What will we do without autopilot?

Ccp dropped the ball big time on this years ago. It was suggested as a community mission, to gather resources and help guard & build gates. As kinda a rp event all players could engage in. But theyre answer was walk in capsules, or something.



IF… Except EVE isn’t real life, right?

Of course the factions could do what OP suggest. Since when do NPC need in-game resources? CCP simply doesn’t want to do that. All we can do is play the game, we can’t implement anything.

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I was replying to another “what-if this were real life” post above mine.

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Yes, I see that now. It seems that the Quote system in forum is defective. I quoted a couple of posters and it didn’t show.
I just quoted your post above and it doesn’t show.
This seems to be a bad day for CCP. Their in-game chat is messed up and now the forum as well… Hacking ? Security breach ?

Anyway, sorry about that.

For basically the same reason that nobody on earth has ever come forward with a proposal that we convert the oceans entirely into dijon mustard.

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I would make a ship out of ham and sail the seven condiments.


As a salvager, the last thing you want is the juicy wrecks spread over a wider area.

Less systems/routes means quicker accumulation.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Who am I to dis a Brie
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