EDENCOM is Destroying Logistics

Moving Jump Freight already requires half a dozen alts and as many systems planned out for any given courier job, and now that EDENCOM is jamming half of lowsec, our time is wasted exponentially trying to find an un-jammed systems to stand in for normal lily pads.

Often a system is jammed on the middle of a long route and my cyno has to back-track to an open system, but now the freighter is out of range to the next cyno and cyno 1 has to slow-boat to an additional middle point and jump the freighter an extra time, which induces even more jump fatigue. It’s one thing to make space big… but this is infuriating and is reaching the point of insanity!

Please cut out, EDENCOM. Honestly their jammers should just not affect industrial cynos and it would make some sense. It is an easy fix for the peaceful professions.


When you say Edencom you actually mean CCP as there seems to be no lore as to why and when they jam systems. The ones been jammed do not appear to be invasion systems and appear to be random. If CCP wants to nerf JF then just do it.

For me I just log off maybe this is the event that moves me on as this is my source of isk to support blowing ships up as opposed to mindless ratting.


Wait, so Triglavians don’t cyno jam Lowsec systems as well?

Does anybody know why EDENCOM is jamming Egbinger? It isn’t an invasion system.

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That’s the point. It’s completely random and flips back and forth constantly so you can’t plan for it.

Nope, it’s perhaps a not very subtle attempt to convince low-sec alliances and null-sec logistics to side with the Triglavians.

I would side with Trigs if it was actually a invasion system of all the ones where there is a jammer none of them are Trig systems or listed as invasions.

The only way around it is either wait and do nothing till it eventually disappears or reroute five cyno toons to match up a new route with no garantees that the new system is affected.

If this is CCP direction then I can simply convert all but one Toon to isk then just go large on the ISK cause I am not paying to win.

Because lore-wise, the main purpose of EDENCOM is not to just fight against Triglavians, their other purpose is to severely limit the power of capsuleer empires and heavily disrupt any form of their logistics.

EDIT: Fyi, Triglavians will never put a cynojammer into their system. If you want cynos for days, support Triglavians.


Capsuleer empires do that every day to each other anyway.

Adapt and overcome.

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This is what CCP wants. To waster players’ time, to let players earn less income and to buy more PLEX. CCP is utilizing anything they could use to force players to buy more PLEX.


Oh great, securing logistic routes is a “waste of time” now. How about we get rid of scanning and probes too and instead make data, relic and DED plexes appear instantly as anomalies, because probing is a “waste of time” too. Mining and production is a “waste of time” too. Or just plain ratting, you know having to shoot stuff and wait for it to die is a “waste of time” too, CCP should deposit ISK periodically to our wallets instantly.

The tinfoil hat is strong with this one…


Once EDENCOM starts jamming a non-invasion systems ( because reasons I guess ) do they eventually drop it? Or the systems is screwed forever?

Allmost all of the systems are chockpoints for JF-Logisitics. They wan´t to cut off the 0.0 blocs from Jita i assume. The worst part for me is the lack of communication about this. No devblog about this, nothing!

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It’s an exponential problem. There is satisfaction in planning to overcome an obstacle and then succeeding. If a pirate corp hinders you, there is at least a competitive dynamic that can be surmounted.

With edencom it’s infinite and changes on an daily basis. I’m starting to see systems with TWO jammers at the same time… like mold spreading at will, with no counter. This doesn’t “create content” it makes planning for logistics take far more time than it should on a relative basis to the other professions.

You bringing ships and guns to your war buddies is peaceful.


Who cares? Don’t look in the box.

This isn’t a personal issues and I won’t make it about you. If CCP wants to drive logistics out of the game like they’re trying to do with market traders, they’re doing a good job trying.

Gating yourself 40 jumps every time you have to replace a ship is not fun for anybody, war-dec pirate, explorer. It doesn’t matter. Everyone suffers from market and trad stagnation one way or another.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

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Support local carebears and producers.

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You failed to read the post these are not invadable systems otherwise happy to turn it into final lumity.