EDENCOM are shooting themselves in their feet with their cyno jammers

It’s been 3 weeks ago that the Triglavians launched the new phase of their invasion and almost simultaniously we saw EDENCOM cyno jammers appear in various lowsecurity systems. However EDENCOM have had no communication regarding the purpose of their cyno jammers and instead they are shooting themselves in the feet with both their cyno jammers and the continued cyno block in invaded systems despite the effective security rating dropping.

There is no evidence of the Triglavians using cynosaural based jump drives for movement, which means that the jammers are aimed at us, the capsuleers. Yet they also want us to engage in direct combat with the Triglavians. By preventing us from utilizing capital vessels in the fight they prevent us from using our full power against the triglavians, thus throwing away an advantage we could have had.

The worst part is not even the cyno block in the invaded systems but the cyno jammers that randomly appears across low security space. These systems are often used as transit systems for capsuleer jumpdrive based traffic. Thus the jammers only serve as a hindrance for us. They disrupt our logistics chains and our ability to mobilize our forces.

These cyno jammers will risk giving capsuleers of low and null security space a reason to fight EDENCOM/CONCORD, which is something we don’t need right now. Some capsuleers can get butthurt over minor things and now suddenly they are getting disrupted by EDENCOM for no apparent reason.

Therefore I encourage EDENCOM to shut down their cyno jammers and focus their resources against the Triglavians.


And what makes you think they want us doing that, be it against trigs or specially, against them?

If one wishes to fight for ENDECOM, be prepared to be treated like any other capsuleer, a possible threat with as many restrictions as possible to perform meaningful work.

Our status have not changed at the eyes of the LAW, we are still a bunch of useful troublemakers to play within certain parameters not unlike the proving grounds of the Triglavians.

It is a big game for the powers that be, the capsuleer role is one of a consumer choosing the favorite team colour and rooting/shooting at the different ones, all while paying vast amounts of money to them for the privilege of doing so.


It’s quite obvious at this time, that EDENCOM has other agenda, apart from fighting triglavians.
We don’t know specifics of it yet, but it looks like it is headed in the direction of suppressing capsuleers.

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One can clearly see who is holding your golden leash ms. Tsukiyo

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Please stop making me agree with Trigger Happy membership.

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They want us to help us against the Triglavians. Yet they don’t want us to deploy our heaviest weaponry. Why?

I am not asking for special treatment for any capsuleers. I am simply asking them to handle some things differently.

If they see us as troublemakers why do they encourage us to get involved in the conflict while turning a blind eye to the ones that aid the Triglavians? With all the restrictions in place as well as the blind eye towards the Kybernauts it is almost like EDENCOM wants to run their own proving grounds - above the heads of countless civilians.

If it is a big game then EDENCOM is no better than the Triglavians.


We could use some more logi pilots. Then I could actually get to fly something else.

Since you are

What you do is of your own will, including the ad hominem.

The people with authority are better suited to answer the question, the rest of us can only especulate.

  • AEGIS Provost Marshal Kahia Valkanir
  • DED Brigadier General Odo Korachi

More people i do not remember.

Nonsense. I took the position that your argument is stupid, not you. That’s not an ad hominem, it’s just denigrating and dismissive. And your arguments have earned that. Trying to cast that position as illegitimate by calling it an ad hominem is just more of the intellectual dishonesty I’ve come to expect.

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You are right, i have misread and quoted wrongly.

It is just plain old name calling, not ad hominem.

Thank you for the opportunity of adjusting things. :pray:

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Except, you know…

That was what you were calling an ad hominem. Now you’re referencing a completely different statement.

So, more intellectual dishonesty.

Edit: and for the record, that completely different statement? Totally plain old name-calling. Is saying that supposed to be problematic for me? Am I suddenly someone who doesn’t totally own my assholery? Attempting to say it isn’t would be, you know, dishonest. And I’ll leave that to you.

Cool :kissing_smiling_eyes:

i do have another problem with the jammer. managed to kill one and in the next second another one spawned 20k off my killing point.
currently griding into killing the second one, but this is …

Out of interest, these systems that all have the cynojammers, do they also have Jovian observatories and/or Drifter wormholes in them ?

EDENCOM agenda is not about fighting triglavians after all.

They use ongoing war as an excuse to create multiple points of force projection.
They hamper the ability of both capsuleer trade and military fleets to move around.
They don’t exclude the variable that are pro-triglavian capsuleers by outlwaing them in high security space.

Void knows why do they need all of this, but this doesn’t look good for capsuleers at all. Expect everything

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I can’t even find the cyno jammer in system. I got all overview ‘cyno’ objects selected.

Edencom cynojammer are a beacon in the overview

its a structure
and its always at the sun

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