Edencom Cynals

What is the intention here as I am at my limits with random system Cyno Jammming.

I had 3 systems jamed so I reroute my JF to use only null system out but you cannot not use a Low sec point into High Sec.

With thew low sec entry points you are also constricted by Trig systems.

If I was part of this I would probably pick a side but I am busy with player v player sandbox and not CCP’s one.

Only way forward for me for my mental state is to suspend my accounts until the so called re-envisioned space solidifies.

Just warp gate-to-gate. Problem solved!

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This is the PvP sandbox. You should have fought back EDENCOM and removed them from the system. You had the opportunity and you didn’t take it. Now you have to live with the consequences.

Please explain how I am supposed to take Ignoiton is this a invadable system? Do I withdrawl all my pvp toons from Null and be forced to play a CCP sandbox instead of player Sandbox?

So I am not sure what this opportunity you are talking about nor do I have to live with it.

Not my problem, kid.

You can explode and remove the cyno jammers. I don’t know how capable or motivated you are, but they aren’t a permanent change to the map, unlike most other aspects of the invasion.

I get some griping if your home highsec system is taken from you by the Trigs as you have to move and deal with all the changes forced on you, but jump freighter pilots can actually use another route or remove the cyno jammers. Seems pretty mild in comparison.

You can attack the Cyno’s but you need fleets and or caps as they take a long time to kill and are protected by NPC’s and as you can appreciate your open to PVP.

JF is 10B out of the station you add in your haul and you know kb says the rest also dont think that we do not reoute as we do.

Jan in in the north only option there as other systems blocked by trigs so north is blocked, Other systems like ignoiton jammed. Olettiers is Trig blocked and sometimes Jammed. The east is Jammed as well. Now I could maybe convince the null corp to boat all the way to HS to pop some NPC cyno but guess what it will be back the next day.

Now unlike freighters and the likes of DST pilots we need around 4 accounts just to reach null space also got clones to war zones like Delve etc.

So this isnt something oh just go around its a denial of JF pilots into Empire space. Now if that is what the intention then great I will drop 3 accounts and sit on the one. Let those that have all day to play to do that nonsence.

I was lucky today got within 10 jumps of Jita and gated it going to complete my last contract and sit out the hauling. When peeps start crying about their ■■■■ maybe then something gets done but I wont be holding my breath.

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Oh no! You might be open to PvP while moving around the most dangerous spaces in the game! The horrors.

Look, it’s clear from what you wrote that jump freighter pilots have had it too safe and too easy for too long. It’s about time that the knob be slightly turned in the direction of “danger/excitement” to make some space for player choices to matter again. If there is some difficulty and risk in hauling, there will be more value there for the activity and good JF pilots will earn more and be desired, while bad ones will either quit or become content.

Maybe the CSM has different views, but the combination of jump freighters and Upwell structures has completely trivialized logistics in this game. Maybe these cyno jammers aren’t tuned perfectly, but I think a changing travel environment that you can actually influence through your actions is a good, and long overdue change for the game. It is at least a step in the right direction from the 100% safe and 100% stable logistics we had before.

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It is at least a step in the right direction from the 100% safe and 100% stable logistics we had before.


if that was a true statement CCP would owe me 30B in isk for my lost freighters and cargo but we both know that statement isnt true.

Regardless I will adapt and if need be cash in my JF and cyno pilots to fund my pvp till the isk ends no problemo.

Or industrial cynos could be exempt from cyno jammers, like covert cynos are.

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This is my favorite and simple solution and I have no idea why CCP didn’t implement it like that unless they are personally trying to screw the null alliances.

Maybe if this like this were explained in patch notes or announcements we would know better and accept changes in meta.

People like Black_Pedro are thrilled by anything that makes it easier for them to steal another player’s accomplishments (i.e. PVP) but their thick skulls don’t seem to grasp that changes like this don’t help them either. The jammers don’t make it more risky, they make it impossible to the point where trade is just reduced. This is an economic monkey wrench and will actually decrease the amount of juicy targets gating through his space, not increase them.

I haved raised the issue of the Edencomm Cyno Jammers with CCP. They are aware of player concerns.

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