Bring back the cyno frig

I lived as a nomad in null out of a carrier for over a year. Decided to re-sub on Oct 15th. Read about the cyno changes. Decided not to spend my money.

CCP, when you created a sandbox then made a drastic change to core game play you kicked over my castle. Not really a sand box for me or many others anymore.

The cyno frig/ceptor was an integral and necessary part of the game. You couldn’t have come up with any other idea than what you did? How about a frigate cyno that can only be used by one jumping ship? Put a delay on the jumping ship based on it’s size relative to the frigate, so frig to frig (instant), cruiser to frig (3 sec), BS to frig (8 sec), and carrier to frig (15 sec) (Times/lengths are just an example.)

You want null to be less safe but take the one tool low SP players actually have to get behind enemy lines out of the game (not to mention industry and haulers. must suck to do that now)?

Let me know when you change your mind. I might think of being a customer again.

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No it wasn’t. It was a useful tool to be able to save money when you know your cyno ship is going to die as soon as you use it, but it isn’t necessary.

take the one tool low SP players actually have to get behind enemy lines out of the game

Lolwut. Low SP players aren’t flying capital ships.


Low SP… Capital ship pilot.
Pick one of these only because you can’t have both.


All this thread is missing is how HS newbies would clearly benefit from the op’s suggestions.


The one tool? Low SP players can’t use gates or wormholes???

a tool open to everyone without a ton of training time. A basic and known game mechanic. This was a bad idea by CCP. Wasn’t the point of a big null empire was being able to take, hold, and protect space?

Again, you don’t seem to understand the difference between “convenient” and “necessary”. Obviously it’s convenient to have expendable T1 frigate cyno alts, but a covert ops frigate cyno alt is hardly an impossible burden once you have the ISK and SP to fly a capital ship.

If I have to go to the trouble and risk of using a wormhole or waiting for days for a gate camp to break up so I can do the most basic of tasks on my own in null, its not worth signing in. I am literally the epitome of what CCP wanted, players to go out and experience nullsec, and they take the one tool that let me actually accomplish that in a reasonable amount of time with an acceptable level of risk. It may not be “necessary” but neither is playing eve, and it sure was cheap, easy, and convenient in a game where literally everything else has to be done the hard way. So yeah, all of low and null is basically cut off for me and my friends and our luggage. I may have been a niche player, living like a rat in someone elses SOV, being constantly hunted no matter what system I ran too to make some iskies, but that is the point of eve. “Play your way” just got infinitely harder to the point of not playing. In a game seemingly bleeding from a thousand cuts, how many more people found themselves in the same situation? In a sandbox game, should some play styles be considered more legitimate than others by the devs? Seems like their killing their own idea.

It’s just one more unnecessary isk/time sink in a game that already struggles with logistics and monotony.

Ok, but that wasn’t what I was asking.

You said that this cyno removed the one way for low SP players to get behind enemy lines.

Are you saying that the cyno was the ONLY way? Because that’s clearly wrong. Gates and Wormholes still exist. How were you going to get the cyno in there in the first place, anyway without using Gates or Wormholes?

just the kind of ubiquitous availability of a low sp alt or newb with a ceptor/rookie ship fit with a cyno. In some ways it feels like an equalizer more than something OP. I don’t see how it makes null more dangerous for the big alliances and the advantage is almost always with the defender already. Seems like this just made it worse.

And god help me, I have been playing stellaris for a week jonesing about eve…why CCP why? I would have preferred the blackout

on a ceptor…to answer your specific question.

Ok… so you agree that what you said earlier is a lie. Specifically:
Isn’t actually true.

Also, you said low SP players. You did not say ALTS.

This seems to me that you have a personal and selfish motive here and are just using low SP players in general to try and make your argument sound better (it doesn’t really). And now you’re just trying to mix issues together.

All motives of players are personal or selfish. The players that wanted the change wanted it for their own personal or selfish reasons. that point is completely moot. just some weird virtue shaming thing.

How pray tell do I get a cyno ship through large enemy camps to the systems of my choice in a reasonable amount of time with an acceptable level of risk?

If my alt has low sp, does that not make me a low sp player when playing that character? last time I checked my alts didn’t share my mains sp’s.

Maybe not the only tool, but the only reasonably accessible tool.

Isn’t there a massive Null Sec whine thread in the Information Portal, this can be moved too.

Keeping the Primary Salt producers of EvE’s comments (formally called Null sec. before the tantrum, to end all tantrums started)


I am not a care bear or part of a null alliance though. I am an independent.

Only the most vapid and asinine individuals would play this game entirely in HS. No null, no point to the game.

Ok, but again.
You’re not answering the question.

You’re just dodging the issue and rambling about the things you want to talk about, namely, throwing out random stuff to muddy the issue.

You said:


LOW SP PLAYERS, not ALTS. Stop talking about alts.

The question we’re asking you, is what kind of low sp PLAYERS have capital ships that require the use of Cynos? How many low SP players are impacted by this cyno change?

If you reply again by saying low SP alts, I’m going to take it as you actually have no idea what you’re talking about and the entire post is another whining crybaby post about how your gameplay was made slightly more inconvenient by a change.

Again you don’t understand the difference between “convenient” and “necessary”.

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the kind that join a corp participating in null in any way.

what essentially is the difference between a low skill point player and a low skill point alt? your arguing semantics that actually have no bearing. if a low sp player lights a cyno or my low sp alt does, wtf is the difference? Somehow another player doing it for me in a small corp makes it valid?

Ok, so the entire post is another whining crybaby post about how your gameplay was made slightly more inconvenient by a change. Good luck in life, kiddo, you’re gonna need it.

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