Cyno Alt CCP racket an extortion game

Recently I’ve been studying more on capitals and jumping and things like that I realized something cyno alts just the way for CCP to make additional income because really I mean yes you could do train them into something else like another mining barge in my case but really it’s just a racket CCP has because they know you’re going to make the account paid you don’t have to log like the cyno then log them out it just a really clever way to make money I mean because really to get one side the map to another you would need at least say delve too outer rings you would need at least 10 people account was to make it that far I think is just really a money racket maybe we need to change the mechanic

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Or maybe… we don’t. (!!!)



Because of its conception, Eve has an extremely small population of players and therefore has to forced the techniques that require the player to have several characters. This is the only way CCP financially survive. Get use to it.

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‘LSG’ ? ‘Loser Sulky Gamer’ perhaps ?

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noun: punctuation

The marks, such as full stop, comma, and brackets, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.


I’m all for banning people who can not form coherent, structured thoughts.
I’m actually not. It was a bad joke.

Anyhow, to be fair…

Jennifer. CCP is a company.
They want to make money.

It’s not a racket, it’s business. If you feel like this is a racket, then you’re not understanding that EVE ONLINE is a service provided by a company. If you want to go that route then everything’s a racket.


I ask people I know to light cynos for me. I light cynos for people I know. We get along fine without paying for a second or subsequent account to use our jump drives. It takes a bit more planning and time, I admit. What I find surprising is the price people are willing to pay in lieu of having a few trustworthy friends and a little patience.


I guess the biggest thing is I like to be self-sufficient when it comes to moving around and it just cost me a fortune I’m learning and I got to be a better way

I know my english is not the best, but still I have to ask: Are people this days not learning how to write in proper sentences?

Mostly for other reasons, I’ve long felt cyno mechanics should be removed and replaced.

Ships that can jump should just be able to jump, without need for a cyno. They should appear at a random location within some range of a random celestial object in the target system.

Cynos make it too easy to set traps, particularly given the generalization and proliferation of capitals.


If you dont want to cyno, youre free to use stargates to get where youre going. Its slow. And risky. And youll probably die. But atleast you can say F U to CCP and lose your ship with pride.

Otherwise, if you want to use a feature that lets you teleport, instantly, to another system many light years away, in relatively safety, you have to use a cyno.


If you can’t afford to subscribe 2 accounts for your own personal cyno, you’re not at a point in the game (or even your own game knowledge) to deserve to fly a capital, let alone move it freely with cynos.

Go get a friend to help you or sub your own alt account.


We need punctuation.

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Even if you want to be self sufficient, you don’t need 10 alts to move a capital from Delve to Outer Ring. You can do it with just 1.

I have 6 cyno alts active at the moment, but that’s purely a convenient thing for me. Everything I do with 6 alts can be done with 1, just slower.

If you carry spare cyno modules and ozone in the ship you are moving, then after you jump, you reposition the cyno to the next jump location. That helps burn through the jump reactivation timer also.

If the cyno dies en route (which happens much less now since the bubble changes), then it can be a pain, but that’s true for one alt or 10.

Tbf to CCP, when they originally conceived of capitals they didn’t see an EVE that would be filled with them like they are now. Cynos in an EVE with far fewer capitals, would also be needed far less. No Scam in it.


I am paying for four counts cash, not in plex I thought about bringing another two on board Grand Am Only planning to have one Capital mining ship but I’m thinking about having some more barges

Because capitals were intended to be solomobiles.


I don’t think anyone is twisting your arm here. You could recruit the help of others for cynos, or mining, or pretty much anything in the game.


I must agree with you there. They are a company that wants to make some bank.

But potential players and those who notice this “you need more accounts to survive” racket will think differently. You and I know all the arguments and have all the experience and would not see it so black and white.
But those on the outside looking in will understand things differently.
And having just about every space genre with interstellar warp-capable ships, but then come to Eve and find out you need a cyno alt just to avoid bubble camp raep cages, does not look good. It looks like a racket. There are even bittervets who harken back to the days of old when convoys had to go through lowsec and how much content existed around that. Much missed content I must add.

As for banning people about their thoughts, rethink that. Not everybody is an English speaker. I spent my life being an ugly American thinking that people who spoke bad English were dumb. Then my government made me live in those places and I was the one looking dumb. So I’m not so quick to judge people who appear to be having trouble with my language.
They might even at times misspell the word “Project” for example.

So yeah, it’s a business. But is it a good business model?

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I agree with everything else you said…but Projekt is not misspelt. :slight_smile: