Bring back the cyno frig

You hit the cloak button as you go through the gate and escape just like any other covert ops frigate. And maybe you look at the “pilots in space” map so you don’t jump into a 500 man gatecamp. In fact, the ships you are “forced” to use now are better at getting into hostile territory in one piece.


this is a game, not real life. convenience is a necessity if ccp wants a player base.

again, not answering the question…

its not the escape, its the denial of access, and it will become cancer.

The difference is resources. A low SP player has limited access to resources. The low SP alt of a player who operates capital ships (by definition a wealthy high SP player) has access to the main character’s resources, including injectors to rapidly make it no longer a low SP alt. Having to get the skills for a covert ops frigate is hardly an impossible burden if you’re able to fly capital ships.

no, there is no actual difference, just in the judgement of the people looking in.

IOW, you don’t understand how to run a gatecamp in a cloaked ship.

So why not remove cynos entirely and just let me jump straight to whatever system I want to go to? Why not remove PvE and give everyone infinite ISK so they don’t have to farm to replace losses? Why force me to learn skills to win in PvP instead of giving me a “kill all enemies” button I can press from the safety of a station?

Me: points out the difference between the two.


Whatever you say…

or, why pay money for the game? That’s where i’m at at the moment and in the eys of the devs it undermines any point you might make regardless of your bias. CCP knows they screwed up. this will be changed.

so there is a difference because you say so? Because i have an older main i am automatically isk positive? your making a lot of assumptions that need to be true always and aren’t for your argument to work.

No, there’s a difference because a difference exists. You don’t get to ignore the difference and then declare that there isn’t one.

And if you aren’t ISK positive then how can you afford to operate capital ships? A covert ops frigate is a tiny percentage of the cost of a capital ship, and even if you can’t inject the SP training one the hard way doesn’t take that long.

I agree with the edited version of this quote.

The difference is arbitrary to the outcome though, so your point is again moot.

CCP took personal logistics, the crappiest part of the game for a lot of players, and added nuts to make sure it hurts even more. So, I don’t really care what semantics they decide to hang themselves on. Not paying anymore.

The super whine thread was all types of Null players producing massive amounts of salt.

Not just Null Bears.

“ARG! salty player is salty lololololol” said the last person playing the game while patting themselves on the back as the server goes down for the last time.

Fully agreed. The industrial cyno limited to industrial ships was one of the dumbest things CCP has ever done. It adds no positive gameplay or benefits for the user, it adds nothing but annoyance and frustration, it adds unnecessary hurdles without any good reason.

The only reason for its existence are whiny PVPers who complained for years that noobships would not create killmarks for shooting a stationary, defenseless ship. That is the only reason why this thing was introduced.

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Thank you, this isn’t about wanting/not wanting some unfair advantage vs other players. Its about bad game design on a game that already operates on the edge of monotony. Bad decision is bad.

Do you have any examples?

Wouldn’t the change itself be enough evidence to indicate someone was unhappy, complained, and got their way?

I too a long time ago used to use a Thanny as a mobile base and used cheap ass disposable frigs to move it about behind enemy lines. Ok who am I kidding I did it for a few weeks here and there, never full time but I do miss having the ability to do that now. Honestly the cyno changes are one thing but the main Carrier changes years ago made way more of an impact on the mobile base role.
Dont forget to fit a cloak and as many types of modules as you could possibly ever need and probably never will use lol. Ahh they were the days.