Been about 8 years since I last played. Stuck

it’s been about 8 years since i last played. After several hours just getting used to the ui and what not i had this weird feeling I was in the wrong place and my ships were all gone. I put in a support ticket and see that i have asset wraps to get my stuff. I hop in my ishkur and start the 22 jump journey, memories of how to play coming back.

2 jumps away i get a notice the next jump is being invade/at war or w/e. Oh, well gotta get in there. Get podded. there’s really no work around to get to where i am going i have to go through this jump to get where i am going.

So, i finally get through and unwrap my 1bil domi and goodies that were wrapped up. Now, i have to get out. This faction war is in .3 sec , do they last forever? can i wait it out? I really don’t want to risk my domi my first day. Don’t mind losing it when i get my bearings straight.

As far as we know they last forever. At least they will last many months. You can avoid the problem by getting neutral standing with the Trigalvians in a cheap ship.

wow, ugh didn’t want to hop into the game ratting my way out of a map. I’ll see how my brain handles it and how long it takes.

Side question.

My character is full on drone spec’d and it’s been so long but i remember a way to get my API and actually upload my character to share with people for questions on skill planning and loadouts and what not. does that still exist?

It is here:

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