My first experience returning to the game after a 6 year break

I slowly got back to my stuff, eventually figuring out what which character specialized on.
First i sold all the datacores i amassed doing research in the last 6 years for about 2.4 billion isk.
Then i figured about those new implant sets and decided to pimp my hauler char with those,
cost me about half of what i made with the datacore sales.That was yesterday.

Today i jumped into a Triglavian sieged system, like a dozen times before when i saw a huge freighter
getting attacked and got curious and watched, while staying cloaked in my crane.

Suddenly some ship came to close to me and it decloaked me, i got targeted and shot at. An attempt to warp away or jump out of the system was futile. Then my pod got targeted, this was also unable to warp away i certainly tried it.

End of story, 1.2 bil of implants lost to some new npc invasion. This quickly reminded me why i stopped playing this game 2 times. I might stop again now. I feel silly.


Never fly (nor plug in) what you can’t afford to lose. :wink:


You’d feel less silly if you contracted everything to me :wink:
After all, it’s not going to do anyone any good sitting there unused since the chances of you’d be back and the same scenario happens are very high.

Oh, i already repurchased the crane and got it fitted, the implants are not important as the character is about to finish training the relevant skills. The increased warp speed of those implants was just some fluff
i wanted to get. So it is not a problem that i cant replace the stuff, its how it happened that i lost my stuff which is bothering me. Ah well, curiosity killed the cat, i guess.


Would been wise to first familiarize yourself with the new conditions by reading the changelogs and player anecdotes on the forums and whatnot to learn about these minor victory systems and such to can avoid such troubles.

Also as part of cloaked ops you should always be wary of your surroundings to avoid exactly such incidents.

Not trying to lecture you nor mock you but based on your explanation it seems the problem was your fault.


It never ceases to amaze me the sheer number of players that think they should be in perfect safety at all times…


Welcome back to EVE, the game which rewards every little mistake with a proper punishment :slight_smile:

Or in other words: what doesn’t let you quit the game makes you stronger in taking frustration! Sometimes also useful for real life :wink:


wise words, thanks for that. :smiley:


I feel for you. I don’t mind losing ships to PvP or my own mistakes. This kind of stuff, however, is irritating. Ignore the forums trolls. You are right to complain about this. Player numbers are way down and the company needs to hear complaints about stuff like this that drives people away.


It’s no different than players who come to the forum to whine about their mining ship getting nuked by FOB rats. To which my reply would be, you should have checked the system you were mining in for a FOB before you started mining…


yea, i used the in game function “did u enjoy playing eve today” and submitted my experience


As I am playing this game for a long time I agree that from game mechanics perspective the time for high sec gankers is much harder than in the past. In the past, you could use can-swapping to kill mining noobs without any penalty at all. This has changed, which is good.
However in the past I have the feeling that gankers where much less organized and professional than today. So while they always pay the price, the price is far too low so that they can make a profit out of ganking most ships.

Furthermore, in the past you had nothing like FOB rats, which can make AFK mining a pain.

Good. AFK mining shouldn’t be easy, profitable, and without risk…


Well, the same can be said about ganking, it shouldn’t be easy, profitable and without risk…

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You came back to a brutal game with a harsh death mechanic after a six year absence, did nothing to familiarize yourself with any new threats or significant mechanic changes, and got caught with your pants down when you were decloaked (which was your fault, and you should have known better. Gate trash can and does decloak people, and that’s why I stay far away from gates when I’m sitting on a gate in a cloaky).

Now, you can learn from your mistakes, and take the time to read up on some of the changes that are notorious for catching returning players off guard, or you could complain and quit. Whatever works for you.

  • Resists were nerfed with the Surgical Strike update, so old fits might no longer have enough tank for the same content that you used to throw at them.
  • Forward Operating Bases spawn “diamond rats” (there is a diamond at the beginning of their name) in the same system that they spawn in. These rats are much more dangerous than other rats, so you might want to give them a wide berth unless you know what you’re doing. You can check to see if a system has a FOB by looking in the new Agency window.
  • Triglavian rats are another type of new and dangerous rat that can even spawn on gates in HS. They spawn in minor trig victory systems, and certain systems that can spawn wormholes to a new area of space called pochven. You can set the routeplanner to avoid minor trig victory systems, but that can cut you off from various sections of space. Moreover, you can still get caught by trigs in systems with trig wormholes. Thus, you best bet is to get positive standings with them. It’s quick and easy. Here’s a guide .
  • You left before upwell structures were introduced, but I guess I should still mention it. If you go on break again, you should not leave your stuff in an upwell structure. If they go unfueled for too long, they will enter the abandoned state, and asset safety will turn off. At that point, you’d lose all your stuff if the structure was then destroyed. So, put your stuff in an NPC station before taking a long break.
  • Brokers Fees have been dramatically increased. So, trying to engage in the 1 isk war will quickly drain your bank account. Fees and taxes aren’t so bad that you should never change your orders, but updating too frequently will eat your lunch.

No P2W


What does FOB mean other than “Freight On Board”?

It means ‘Forward Operating Base’

You may have died a silly death, but don’t worry, you will die many more silly deaths if you continue playing.

Even after years I keep dying silly deaths. And some deserved ones too. It’s all part of the game!


Oh, your input is much appreciated. Yea, i was lazy and just jumped in without prior reading, you got me there.

But thanks for taking your time to type that quick-startup guide for me, i read it all and will try to get a positive standing with those guys following the guide in your answer. Your time wasnt wasted, i hope.

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You are brave enough to post your mistake to the board and get a stroke by stroke analysis of the error of your ways. For that alone I declare: “This man is redeemable”.