The first highsec system flipped!

Major thread update!

The first highsec system, Raravoss, flipped to lowsec!
While everyone was in space!

Massacre! :smiley:

… from {[numeric]fromSecurity, decimalPlaces=1} to {[numeric]toSecurity, decimalPlaces=1}. because it is being Invaded. You accept this risk by jumping through this gate.

The Triglavian stellar harvesting and manipulation efforts have reached their peak, and the Triglavian Collective has conquered the system. EDENCOM considers this system lost to the Triglavian Collective and will redeploy defensive efforts to systems that can still be saved.


To those who don’t read reddit or hoboleaks …

You’re sooooooo ■■■■■■■ welcome!



Highsec becomes lowsec for invaded systems? This will be fun. But it starts to get difficult to keep track on all the different system effect combinations. Less variety may be better to focus on.


:red_circle: Saw it yesterday. I wonder if the systems will dip into low sec. If so, it’s a load of utter bovine waste. As if high sec has no other issues than being randomly split up and put back together. The addition of enjoyable gameplay knows no bounds with this feature.

And knowing CCP, the route planner will not tell you that a system (if so) went low sec, which means you are already on your way there and inside the invasion by the time you will learn about it.





Would you please explain what i have to do with this thread?

Which of the 3 people answering here do you accuse being an alt of me?

You really see me everywhere right? :slight_smile:

I think the point of the ping was to make you aware that there will be highsec systems, which will be conquered by triglavians, turning them into lowsec systems.


It’s almost as if CCP are trying to make hisec more dangerous; despite the naysayers who predict doom and gloom if CCP doesn’t make it a carebear paradise.

Have your lifeboats at the ready if it ever goes live.


What’s the point, when I’ll be shooting holes into them? :smiling_imp:
Oh and apparently Darlo is ignoring this, because he can’t handle it.

Highsec becoming lowsec will be just chaos for victims and hunters. Thinking about for a bit longer, I don’t think this will bring much value to the EvE experience but only create a lot of salt, and bugs (there is more connected to sec status than concord :wink: ). Whoever is docked in such a system and not prepared when it switches is doomed, because stations will be camped.

Will cynos work then? All these options.


It depends how it’s set up, but at the best case scenario it becomes just don’t undock for a few days (or jump clone) till the invasion goes away on it’s own. This is not engaging gameplay and doesn’t add any benefit to the game because it’s a false choice, the right answer is always ‘don’t undock from the station’.

At the worst case when the invasion doesn’t go away on it’s own, Highsec is destroyed because CCP forgot that highsec vs lowsec is not a balanced equation. Once a system goes lowsec it’s far easier for lowsec pirates to keep it lowsec, since they will have capital support already established, than it is for highsec players to PvE a system back up in that situation.

Edit; This is assuming it can go as low as lowsec and it’s not 0.7 dropping to 0.5 but capped at 0.5.


Let’s see, but the text points toward lowsec (move forces elsewhere, not just increasing response time). Capitals … more highsec capitals once invasion is over …

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Only for the cowards it is.


Wow, you’re so cool and edgy posting stale EVE memes as responses. I wish we could all be like you…

Turning the sarcasm off, it’s not cowardice to not undock into a stupid situation when you would be outmatched badly. It’s stupidity to undock and you would be one of the first people on this forum I’d expect to see in a thread mocking someone for being stupid enough to undock when it’s camped in lowsec.

The calling of common sense and caution as cowardice is so stale at this point Its virtually.crumbled to dust and blown away on the wind. Go troll another topic where people are being stupid.


Don’t feed …


Even if true, this wouldn’t affect anything all that much, except in a few instances in which one of the four major choke points between empires is affected. If that happens, then travel is going to be increased by a hefty amount of jumps.

The people “stuck” inside an affected system aren’t really stuck at all, because it’s very likely to be next door to another high-sec system that’s not affected, and also, it’s not really dangerous to undock from a station anywhere unless it’s one of a few that kick you out.

If anything, this is more of a hassle than a danger.


I don’t ignore anything i just want to choose the threads i react to on my own and not being drawn into one by other people…that’s no insolent demand :stuck_out_tongue:

Cowardly behaviour in a computer game?

Sweet…stupid but sweet… :slight_smile:

And before you rage out…

Yes I DON’T WANT pvp…

That’s my personal choice…it’s not about the loss…it’s about a complete dislike of ‘competion’…

If you don’t get the point of my right for personal preferences and dislike them that’s anything else but not MY problem… :slight_smile:


U can try many different games for example X4: Foundations, that fit your personal preferences. Because your personal preferences doesnt seem to bother CCP. :woman_shrugging:


Preferences like mine can not and will not be heard as long as CSM exists…it’s goon and therefore nullsec dominated and therefore -per definition- none of my interest…
CSM will ALWAYS vote anything down that is outside of CSM’s interest and will NEVER let anything through the filter that actually HELPS other playstyles…

I mean look what happened the only time CCP DID ignored CSM(blackout)…

They INSTANTLY paddled back after null blob protets…

There is no other solution to that than to remove CSM completely…because CSM,and CCP actually listening to the null blobs,is bad for the game…


I used to be skeptical about the CSM but I’m now suddenly heavily in favor of it’s existence. :joy: