The first highsec system flipped!

I also need to re-think it. If Balos wants it gone, there must be a reason to keep it.


Second message seems to be an info about high sec becoming low sec, for the time trigs will stay there.

Also, citadels can be shot without wardec …


So many people here having exactly zero enthusiasm left and even more people who think using certain words makes others bad people. You’re ■■■■■■■ cunts, that’s all. When you whine about being called a coward, then you most likely ARE a coward! :blush:


I hope we’ll meet in Hek some day …
… when it’s being invaded and locked down.

Gotta wreck some ■■■■ together.

Ships are on me! :smiley:


That is potentially gamebreaking for so many people in high sec. Suddenly loging in into Low sec when they logged off in high sec, in their expensive battleship.

They will just not log in after few experiences with the game that drop such heavy caliber stuff on them.

Something like a blackout for highsec. But spread out in scale and time, so they will not even see what actually makes people to stop playing. :thinking:




Btw, lowsec confirmed, here a new text:

564034 Triglavian Invasion Low Security System


Maybe. Or maybe people exist who will love the fact that EVE isn’t as boring and predictable anymore. They do, in fact, exist. Apparently they’re what CCP wants as future customers, which can only be called a good thing.

And you know what? That’s the case!
This whole thing ties into the new NPE!
No one cares if the carebears are leaving! :smiley:


Also there are some hints these high-low conversions may be permanent depending player actions …


I have no idea who that guy is, but it screams PROTECT THE WEAK AND VICTIMS, which is bad. Luckily it seems that CCP is going to make sure new players are prepared and trained, so who cares what some loser, who thinks everyone else is just as much of a loser, thinks! : D

I’m still not sure if I will work for them, or against them, when they hit Hek.
It’ll depend a lot on the current populace.
We’ll see. It’ll be glorious, no matter what!


Just on the off chance someone who might have been about to cry may have seen it, saw themselves reflected, and decided to think better.

When they look out for people who can take abuse from the game mechanics punishing them randomly, they will not find many.

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I think some restraint is still probably due - this is Hoboleaks after all. But this is an exciting development, more proof that CCP is serious about changing systems and shaking up the game.

We need the details of course, but this is the logical extension and conclusion of the Triglavian Invasion story arc. The Invasions and roaming Trig squads laid the groundwork and showed CCP that players can handle some challenge, even in highsec. This drop in sec status will just escalate the disruption that an Invasion brings to a system a little bit more, but have a benefit of bringing a CONCORD-free warzone to players in highsec. I do hope CCP has worked on the supporting game systems to allow highsec players to participate in a meaningful and fun way when full-on war comes to town.

In short, it will be fine. Highseccers will adapt and learn to enjoy or avoid these disruptions when they come to town, and will benefit from the content and activity they generate. There’s some other cool stuff in Hoboleaks hinting at how this might work, but probably we should all wait for the actual devblog before declaring highsec saved or destroyed.


Every single one of you people who use the word “abuse” have exactly zero understanding of what “abuse” is and sometimes I wish I could actually show you, because that’d teach you some respect for those who actually know.

Please just ■■■■ off.

Hell, just now in another thread, some idiot calling words on a screen “abuse” and it makes me want to reach out to him so he learns what it is when someone is being “abused”. You sheltered weaklings really deserve some heavy dose of reality smacked into your collective faces.


This is not a little bit more actually then. Its serious thing, CCP should first ask people who sporadically are leaving high sec and spend there 99% of time. They never had such though probably, sadly.

Well, yes, there will be something, but what if invasion brings trigs to 0.5 system, that suddenly, in a span of a week becomes 0.4, with all adjoining systems? Person loging in from week to week to play few hours in free time after work will find himself potentially at a great loss.

Its what people will have to think about now, before the patch hits the game.



Having your own preferences is fine, trying to force them on others is not.

The very nature of Eve is an almost polar opposite of what you appear to want from it; why do you still play it?


I cant believe Im forced to read this


Even in a thread that’s supposed to make you happy, you still sound miserable.


EDENCOM Stockpile Tenshu With the need for resources vastly increased in star systems undergoing fortification by EDENCOM, the Upwell Consortium has provided the ideal structure design for a fortified harvesting co-ordination and resource collection hub.

The Stockpile Tenshu is a vital element in the EDENCOM defense plan and should be defended at all costs against Triglavian invasion forces and renegade capsuleers. Those wishing to aid the cause of New Eden’s defense through resource-gathering operations will find a warm welcome at the EDENCOM Stockpile Tenshu.

This may be the key structure to defend in invasion, before the system eventually goes into low sec status, when this structure is destroyed.

CCP would be very stupid to not promote player activity in the face of such threat.
The way its have to be designed, it have to be for people who will have actual impact in defending their “living conditions”.