Destination Issue

When you set a destination and fly to that destination, all you need to do (unless autopiloting) is click jump on the selected item and it will warp you to the outgate, rinse and repeat till you get to the place you want to be,

Now is loses that on a lot of the jumps I jump (not all) so i have to select the outgate from the overview then jump.

anyone else getting the same issue?


Only after (foolishly) drinking my own moustachio wax


yeah that is never going to end well

yep, where-as previously the gate would be automatically selected it feels like a 1:15 or so chance I’ll have to select it myself. Anti bot measure?

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Possibly, the game is very laggy atm so maybe to do with that, or anti bot would be another option

This was for some time in the game, one year or longer. I think its just CCP being bad at programming.
Something like MOTD sometimes being buggy and you cant change it.

Or those invasions…

They will eventually get to fixing stuff, if people will complain enough and CCP themselves will see that donuts that lie on keyboard for one day can do better.

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I don’t know if it’s true or just speculation, but I have heard people say that it was an old anti-bot measure.

When you jump through regional gates, it doesn’t select the next gate automatically. I have never had the issue except on the regional jumps.

Haven’t encountered this issue yet.

What I can’t figure out is why my route keeps getting optimized, even though I don’t tell the autopilot to optimize the route. It happens about once a day.

Because this game is no longer a sandbox, it’s a scripted themepark now.

it wasnt only regional gates, i was going from Hek to Jita and I would say 85% of the gates I jumped through i had to manually select the outgate.

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