Autopilot as nav assistant broken on test server

I’ve noticed that for some reason, when I have a destination set in autopilot, it seems to randomly choose either the gate that I came from, or the next gate (upon spawning into the new system), when travelling, rather than choosing one option or the other consistently. My preference is the old system where it would just autoselect the next gate for you, so that you can just keep hitting warp as desired.

Also, the new jump animation is really nice, but I would love the option to turn off all the stuff and save my potato some work (i.e. a black screen between jumps is just fine for me). For whatever reason, I like to play with fun turned off. :slight_smile:

I’ve also noticed that if I leave the game and come back to it, my overview is not coming up properly (it’s empty), and it will sometimes even say that I’m in a different system than I am, though normally that results in a disconnect. This is broken enough that I’m actually using autopilot “normally” (not just to tell me the next gate, but actually to fly my ship) on the test server. On the real server it would make the game totally unplayable.

Also, please make station sounds part of “world” sound, not “effects”. I like effects to mean things that are immediately relevant to flying.

The overview auto-select of next destination for AP has been inconsistent for years on both servers; that’s not a Sisi-specific bug. Maybe someday it will get fixed. Bug report it when it happens; that’s the only way it gets seen.

Please direct jump animation feedback to the appropriate thread to actually get it in front of the involved devs: Singularity Test Server Update – 25 January 2021

And finally, please make sure to always report bugs in-game on Sisi and TQ alike - the CCP devs rarely read the forums for issues, and when they do they usually are looking at release-specific feedback/issue threads. Bug reports actually feed directly to their work management systems and will get the information (about your experience as well as the associated game data from logs) where it needs to go, even if you never see a reply.

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