Next gate auto-select?

I used to be able to set up a destination and just spam the jump icon with my mouse, but it seems that when you jump into the next system it’s not a 100% chance that you’ll have the next gate selected automatically. Was this changed or something?

It has always been a little spotty for me. It may depend on how quickly things load when I land at the destination, but I am not certain. I have not analyzed it because the occasional failure does not cause me any trouble, and it used to not auto select at all, so seems a QoL improvement to me even when it does not work now and then.

It breaks sometimes.

Usually accurate, not always though.

Such is life.

I play multiple accounts at once (just like everyone else playing eve) and when i change focus away from the account traveling through EVE, when i return to that account the next jump gate is not automatically selected in many instances (practically never actually).

Possibly this is the issue you are having.

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