Auto Next Jump Not Selected 1/2 the Time

Not sure if this is a Phonton UI issue or just a regular issue…

When you set your destination the next jump is highlighted yellow in your overview. Very nice. Also, it shows up in the Selected Item window. Very Very Nice. Makes it super easy to align or jump to the out gate.

Issue is that every 2nd or 3rd jump it shows the wrong item in the Selected Item window. This most often happens when your next jump may be an Ansiblex, but also happens with citadels and regular jump gates as your next jump.

This issue has caused the death of a few ships as I hit jump to next gate in the Selected Item window, but the previous gate was highlighted in the Selected Item window and I didn’t go anywhere… except back to the clone bay after being killed…

Now this has always been kinda spotty (previously reports multiple times by others), but it seems with Phonton on its way more frequent than I have previously experienced. No data, just my gut feel.

I believe this is a general issue sometimes the game glitches and doesn’t have the next jump in the selected item window. I use the normal UI.

This is on my list of bugs that I found. Dates back to 2016 when I started to play this game and when I was naive enough to report those bugs.

Sometimes the next jump isn’t selected in Select Item, often what is selected is gate back. (Considering CCP doesn’t care I believe it can be intentional for mistakes to be made.)

But this is very rare to happen, maybe 1 of 80 jumps? So if it happens really frequently like every second jump, could be a new issue of Photon UI.


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