Flat star map

Is there any chance, that CCP will normally organize positions of stars on map, or maybe there are already such in game option that i am missing. Right now when i look on this mess and try to plan a route i get severe brain and eye damage. For example dotlan maps does not do such thing to me.


There is a Flatten Map option in the Map control panel

Though I dont use the “New” map


I tried in game flat map, and its a mess.

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What sort of route are you plotting? Im assuming you dont mean an A to B flight then?

For example ,i am plotting a route to visit all systems in region.

Unless you are autopiloting, Id just use Dotlan tbh

Yes, that is how i am doing this right now, but it would be more convenient to have normal map in game rather than using third party resources.

Sorry man, I dunno what to say, I use the map ok but Ive never needed to plot that kind of course.

It’s Flat !

OP, do you have the option under general settings tab to uncheck “try new map”?

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I already tried with and without “try new map” - its dosent change anything - map still is mess and dosent look like dotlan map.

You probably should never play Elite Dangerous then

The “flatten” option takes stars arrayed in a 3-D volumetric space, and flattens it, causing stars to nearly overlap in some cases. It can be challenging at times to pick between adjacent stars, if they are close together even at max zoom.

Dotlan “fixes” that by making a 2D space map from scratch, based on connections. Perhaps some day. The fact that “new map” has been in suspended animation as a beta feature for more than a year says something.

The in-game map is horrible and you should avoid it like the plague. Use dotlan.


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