New Beta Map?

Hello I have refused to log in for couple of years until they have finished developing the “NEW BETA MAP”

Is it done yet?

There used to be an option checkbox they would force select “try new beta map” every update they did.

Can we still use the OLD/GOOD map?

How many years does a multi billion dollar company take to develop a freaking map?

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You refuse to play EVE because of … the map? :rofl:


You can and should still use the old map as it is still better by a long shot compared to the beta map.

The development of the beta map is pretty much in eternal hibernation as CCP has not worked on it in years (except for a small excursion by CCP Larikin in 2016 which made the beta map even worse than before). A problem has relatively recently arisen when CCP introduced the new Reactions indexes, which are only available on the beta map and not the actually usable map. CCP will also change how characters docked in citadel are counted in the People in Space filter and I wonder if that filter correction will only apply in the beta map.

By the way: The beta map is not in beta any longer for over 2 years now as CCP Rise himself lifted it out of beta status in 2015 with a dev blog. One of the better jokes from a developer.

Also good to see that more people are annoyed with the map and keep clubbing CCP’s thick skulls over it. :slight_smile:

Dotlan still works…


Dotlan maps are 1000x better. I dont know why CCP won’t introduce user friendly 2d maps. You can scan a dotlan map in seconds.


They need to give Dotlan money and buy rights to use their map type in game

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No, and it never will be completed. You can uninstall.


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