Access to public contracts via ESI - search by type_id?

Q: is there a way to search through contracts by type_id of item you are looking for via ESI?
A: IMO there’s no

There are 2 ESI endpoints for public contracts:
To get a type ID you need to use 1st endpoint and get all contracts in certain region (in jita between 22,000-23,000 at any given time)
Then you need to use 2nd endpoint and check each of 22-23 k to check what items are included.
That sucks - it takes 50 minutes to go through each of 23k contracts IDs. So i wonder is there any way to do it faster and search by type_id like in game’s contract system?

Do it once, save the contents as they aren’t going to change, then in future just resolve ones you don’t already have stored.

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