Alliance contracts in Google docs

Is there a way to import alliance contracts, that’s contracts available to Alliance members, into google docs.

Using the tokens and stuff (my programming knowledge is at level grandad) I can get contracts issued by/to me imported in docs, but not all the contracts available to me. The problem is character contracts on ESI only pull contracts to your name and not “public alliance” contracts. I assume corporation contracts do the same but at the Corp level.

Is it possible? If not can someone make it a thing? Knowing the amount and types of contracts available to the alliance members at anyone time would significantly improve supply chain management.

Thanks in advance.


No. That is not currently possible with ESI.

Do you know of a work around? All I can think of is finding out who seeds the contracts regularly. Getting them to create a token, and creating a function that pulls all of their contracts.

The down side to that would be that whoever had the spreadsheet would be able to see personal contracts as well as ones meant for the alliance.

Yes that is the only work around. Getting the people who list contracts, filter to alliances ones and go off of that.

There is an issue for this on esi-issue for public contracts. Can maybe leave a comment for alliance ones as well?

Actually, when I tried to pull corp contracts today, i got also all the alliance contracts. I don’t know if that’s a bug, since the description says:

Returns contracts available to a coporation, only if the corporation is issuer, acceptor or assignee. Only returns contracts no older than 30 days, or if the status is “in_progress”.

But for a contract from some random player in another Corp to alliance, my own corp is neither issuer, acceptor, nor assignee.

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