Getting alliance/corp structure IDs

My end goal is to get the same data as the in-game market window.
The problem is, most of the transactions are done on citadels, which don’t show up on
And the structures API will only list public structures.

Assuming I authenticate via SSO and get an access token.
Neither the market data nor the structures ESI API take a token parameter.
How do i get a list of all alliance/corp structures in the region or market data that includes them?

Edit: tried using /corporations/{corporation_id}/structures/ and got
"error": “Character does not have required role(s)”

I also dont see a way to get the market history of a corporate structure even if i know its ID.
The history call only taked a region id, and no token.
the history does appear in the in-game market window.

I opened another tab and every time i navigate to a another page in the new tab it wants to delete my draft.
Why does it even appear in the new tab? The new forums are strange.

Hi. I am working in a personal project and I ran into the same issue. Did you ever find a solution for this?

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