How can I use the items type ID to check the market information of the structure?

Hello Devlopers.

I want to get the price information of a particular item in an alliance structure in Excel.

So I did search and refer to this page.

It was a great description so i succeeded in getting the order list.

use request url :{structure_id}/

However, I found that there are up to 1000 limitations to this request.

There are many orders in the structure of the alliance, and there is no order information of the items I want in the return list.

I think that when make a request, i will be able to get complete information using the typeID of the item.

But I have not found a way.

Is there a solution? or any other way to get structure market data, let me know.

You will need to go through all the pages of that endpoint and then filter for the item you are looking for.
By default you should get page 1, in the headers it will tell you how many pages in total, so cycle through the rest of the pages until you have retrieved all of the orders in that structure.

Although I did not succeed in bringing it, I realized the concept.

I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for your advice.

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