/universe/structures/ do not list every public structure

Hi …

I have a problem with the eve esi api endpoint /universe/structures/.
The endpoint returned only 3473 structures.

I have a market order at the structure with id: 1028858195912
Its a Keepstar in Perimeter. It’s definitely public but not in the list.

Am I doing something wrong?

I want to download all market data from public structures with market hub for my trade tool.


It’s definitely public

Not in an ESI sense, it must be restricting access to at least one entry (that is enough to be considered non-public by ESI)


thanks for the info and reference.

So then I have to find another way to reach my goal.

In this case, the structure is not in the list of public structures with a market, either.
The the structures location id is however leaking via the public market orders, since it does have other ranged buy orders.

You can gather structure locations ids from the markets/{region_id}/orders/ endpoint. All the location id > 100000000 are going to be structures. Then you can try those location ids on markets/structures/{structure_id}/ in addition to the location ids from universe/structures/. That should give you very good coverage. However, it will generate a lot of errors, so be sure to handle the ESI error limit.

Yes most likely. The ESI isn’t a free complete intel system, so it doesn’t tell you about structures that are “private” for want of better word.

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