Missing buy order in ESI response and eve marketeer

Does anybody know why I dont see all the buy orders, in this case on Perimeter Tranquility Trading Tower? I have a buy order for an item and it there for over a week now but it is not visible on either eve marketeer or in the ESI response on markets/{region}/orders endpoint.

I do know that sell orders on citadels dont show on this endpoint, but as far as I know, buy orders should. And since it also doesnt show on eve marketeer when I lookup some of the items, eve marketeer also does not show the buy order which is still visible in game.

Any clue?

Might be a caching issue. If your order is right on the border of a page, and it changes between pulls of pages, that can push it.

Does it show up on market.fuzzwork.co.uk ?

As far as I know, buy orders are only included if they have a range longer than station. Station only orders would require docking right to the structure to fulfill, so, they’re not included in the public orders, as people may not be able to fulfill them.

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Ahh, that’s a very good point.

I just assumed that eve-marketeer would do what I do, and pull from the public market structures too

That is something I completely overlooked. Thanks for this insight. Really helpfull.

In this case, the structure is not in the list of public structures with a market, either.
The the structures location id is however leaking via the public market orders, since it does have other ranged buy orders.

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