What Market Tool?

I posted a buy order over four hours ago.
It still isn’t showing on EvE Marketer. I thought downtime would fix it. Apparently not.
How long does it take to update the buy/sell orders to reflect the correct information?
Or is it just my orders that don’t exist?
What market tool are you guys using?
Fuzzwork seems way off.

Maybe ask the people responsible for EVE Marketer?

It has nothing to do with CCP unless there is something up with EVE for those services but that will then impact all external services.

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The more tools I look at the more skewed the data becomes.
I can see the order on New Eden Markets.
Not on Fuzzwork
Not on EvE Marketer

Is EvE Central ever coming back?
Why would the order show up on New Eden Markets but be completely missing from EvE Marketer?

Have you tried using https://www.adam4eve.eu/ that’s a good site for keeping track of orders ect. EvE Marketer is poor it used to be a good site but there’s lots of orders sell and buy missing.

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Is change API key still a thing?

Also https://evetycoon.com/market,, & https://eve-hub.com/market. Some of these may be of use also. No on the Adam site uses the ESI I think it’s called top right log in with Eve Online option perfectly safe.

lol…the guy that bumped my order shows up on EvE Marketer… But my order is still missing.
What is up with that??

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Yeah, it’s also missing mutaplasmids. It’s disappointing because I love the site design. Dark theme, easy to navigate, has a quick bar, snappy response time.

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