Eve Marketer not working correctly

Anybody else having problems with Eve Marketer? As in it does not list any buy or sell orders from any of the trade hubs. It just shows orders from little stations that most of us have never heard of. As an example I can see EMP M in Aurcel, but not Jita, Rens…etc. It seems to have been going on for at least a week.

evemarketer is not supported any more as fas as I know.

Use EVE Tycoon instead.: EVE Tycoon

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I can agree the app Dev appears to be MIA so maybe look elsewhere for now, shame eve marketer works grate on mobile :speak_no_evil:


True! Great on mobile! Other huge problem for me is that EVE Industry Calculator pulls its prices from EVE Marketer… so it also is severely reduced in functionality

Thanks for the advice! Eve Tycoon is not great on mobile… but overall much more powerful

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