Market Aggregator Tool

What is a good market aggregator tool? I used to favor EveMarketer since it displayed not just the trade hubs but all market listings. It’s thanks to that I was able to sell a bunch of Hammerhead IIs for 7 mill a pop by someone too desperate to make the 7 jumps to Dodixie. That order finished pretty fast, I was only able to sell 1/3 of the ones I bought. However that site is not really working anymore.

EVE Tycoon:

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If you know and have it, EXCEL. You use the EVE add-in and make what you want.

Adam4EVE this is the best one.

1 Like is a tool I am actively working on. Has market data for every location. You can find the announcement post in this forum a few posts down to get an overview of current features.

On the market browser page you can also select “All regions” at the top of the drop down and you’ll see all orders for an item everywhere

it’s a little dense, but I think it has what I’m looking for thanks. I’ll also see what Eurreka has later

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