My favorite new market tool

So after the old API was retired, a lot of tools have gone away. But a lot of tools are cropping up. Some good ones.

One that I like is It can help you find profitable trades between specific regions and even systems. Doesn’t require a login or any account information. You give it parameters of location, tax rate, and max volume and it gives you a list of products.

I’m often sitting in a trade hub after hauling product somewhere, wondering if there’s anything profitable to haul back. This particular tool has made it super easy to make a quick buck on the side with minimal fuss. Like what Eve Central did and I had hoped this would be.

I think this is a good time for third party market tools in Eve. Old standby’s fall to the wayside and stronger tools emerge.

Can’t stop the work.


About time EVE-Central’s trade finder was brought back. I’ll check it out right now

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It used to be. But then CCP kept bricking the APIs and developers to help EMD were scarce. And now they are still scarce and instead of helping to keep existing pages running, they rather set out to create their own tools which will probably die out as well just like EMD’s trade finder because of lack of support.

Good joke. Your page does nothing but finding trade opportunities. For price checks on specific items or in specific areas, I still have to go to EMD or EM or other actual market watch pages. Your promoted page is not “stronger”, it just makes everything else weaker. Your promoted page doesn’t even say who is responsible for the page or who you can thank for their “hard” work.

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Sorry, meant no offense. I used EMD a good bit, loved it, but I was probably too late to see it in it’s prime. I didn’t realize that ever worked. And for what it’s worth, I’ve encouraged the author to do things like link individual items to established market sites like fuzzworks and emd.

And this tool isn’t mine, by the way. The only thing I know about the author is his reddit handle, which you can find in that post I linked. I didn’t worry too much about knowing who made this because it doesn’t require a login or any account information.

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