Eve - Central

Does anyone know if Eve - Central is coming back?

Not likely.

Straight from the developers fingers, yes it’s likely to be back.

I use https://evemarketer.com now.

https://eve-central.com/ Also says “sometime in September” as well. Tbf, sites like https://evemarketer.com/ have taken up the slack. At this point, the only thing ec would be good for is the hauling trade profit calculation it had.

I used to use eve-central API for market data. Does anyone have equivalents ones to suggest?

Erethond you can use the eve ESI Swagger API and get data directly from CCP:

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Not wrong, but that involves a LOT of crawling to do. Depending on the spread of information they need, www.evepraisal.com has an api you can use (can even feed it .txt files to appraise items in batches), www.evemarketer.com also has an api you can use. Some of them are a bit simpler to use than ESI since their maintainers are basically already doing that work for you.

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I haven’t played in a while, and have just logged back in, had a quick look at my old bookmarks. Eve central is down, and the trade route finder at eve market data also doesn’t seem to work.

Is there anywhere else that provides that same sort of trade route resource, i.e. a quick search for stuff in a system/region that can be bought cheaper than existing Jita (or some other system’s) buy orders?


Doesn’t have that ability to quickly find trade routes, unless I’m missing something. Which is always a possibility.

It takes a bit of work yourself now, but you can simply check between buy and sell orders to check for profitable runs.

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