I will give in to their demands. Who do I send money to get them back online?

I’m dyin’ out here with BPCs and no way to find materials in cheaper markets.

Have you tried https://eve-marketdata.com/ ?


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Once again I bow my head in thanks to the collective wisdom of the EVE player base…

Lola, Sarmatiko, Sindara: I appreciate your time and generosity…

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on evemarketer is there a way to show 2 regions at the same time? ie domain and the forge

i can only do one

Not that I know of, I usually just use All Regions. Two tabs / windows would be my workaround if I wanted to see 2 specific regions.


thats a shame- would be a really useful feature

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I used eve central to download price data into my extensive spread sheet which is now useless. Is there any other method of obtaining this data automatically ?

Market Data prices
Where Avatar is your character. This gives a text dump of all prices from the same database as Eve Central, the example is Sell Price in Jita. There are XML and JSON versions of this.
Eve Central is better for prices of the same item in different places of course, we await its return.

Universal market data is a cancer that leads to the Jita monolith.

Get rid of it.

If you want market data, go there, log an alt, or get someone to get the info for you.

Everytime I check EVE Central and find if down, I ofc first ffs, but then Im GLAD its down.

No more universal market data would be one of the best things to happen to this game in over a decade.

No more universal market data from 3rd party sites.

If you cant access that data ingame, you shouldnt be able to access it out of game. And yes, that should apply to killboards too.

Dotlan is exempt, as its the same as the map functions provide ingame.

Get on my level.
EVE is supposed to he a hardcore game in a sandbox where you rely on yourself and those you fly with (until you dont). All this free data is a cancer.

Free Data is a cancer? Would a subscription cost make it not cancerous?

Wall Street tradespeople use vast resources to decide what to trade and not to trade. This game is a sandbox designed to simulate RL. Would traders in EvE not also use trade journals and such?

Your logic is flawed and must be discarded.

Why is market data restricted in-game to the region you are in?

Is there a universal market UI in EVE that I am unaware of?
Oh yes, there is, contracts. But not one for commodities in trade.

Are you trying to compare an IRL one planet market to a galaxy wide market exchange covering hundreds of thousands of planets and trade stations separated by countless AU in real time?

My comment was about third party information is comparable to trade news in RL, and not being a cancer to the game. If you want to bark up the in game UI, talk to CCP. I did not mention in game market UI’s.

READ and think before you respond to someone… (just a suggestion).

EVE is not IRL.

The EVE markets span the equivalent of our own Milky Way galaxy.

Your argument based on our own planetary divided markets is not comparable.

Furthermore, our markets shut down on a daily basis. This is not true in EVE.

These arguments to “reality” are not valid in EVE.

Put the keyboard down… slowly step back… look for an exit and step outside for a while…

Go ahead and do that if you are having trouble distinguishing between EVE, and IRL.

The problem with Eve-Central being down is that it’s tied into several other 3rd party tools.

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This, my preferred industry tool is down because of that. :frowning:

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