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Eve-marketdata.com is starting to have more problem to function, likely due to eve-central.com being down.

What other EVE online market tool has market sale and buy value in other regions which can be used to make market decisions based on those prices?

It seems other market tool currently require registration, subscription or some other scheme which may or may not even give the above mentioned info.

I mean, sure, they have tools for other aspect of market, like Alliance marketing, but what about EVE market data?


For instance, if I search for the prices of Compressed Blue Ice,
where do I input that field of data in the fuzzwork.co.uk site, or market.fuzzwork.co.uk site?
Or does it not work and the link you referred to me was something else?

It’s like paying an interpreter for interpretation of an accuracy level below the efficiency required to make money.
You know exactly how much it is going to cost you because everything goes in the same place.
Nothing that I have not seen perfectly operated in actual legal system, but still…
Those are the kind of people who make arms trading profitable.

Pick a search type at the top. (on https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/ )

Do you just want the prices, across the entire cluster? Type search.
in just the big market hubs? Market Hubs.

And so on.

Each page you go to is bookmarkable. https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/type/28433/ for cluster wide compressed blue ice prices.

Prices are gathered once every 30 minutes.


Type Search

very good excellent perfect thank you

Even once every 6 hours or once a day, as long as it shows how often, I can manage to plot some difference.

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