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I wanted to share something that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now - Eve Trade Terminal.

Eve Terminal

For the best experience please access it via a computer rather than mobile.

Eve Trade Terminal aims to offer deep analysis of markets anywhere in EVE.


  • You’re able to explore markets by region, system, station and further dig down via market groups by clicking sections of the piechart.
  • All the data presented on the dashboard is calculated by regularly scanning the markets and keeping a record of volume changes.
  • Discover new places to trade, explore popular items within your current trade locations and find new trading opportunities

Stock management:

  • Requires authorisation - you can add this by clicking the Add Character button
  • Undercut detection - this will detect if any of your orders have been undercut, including undercuts by ranged orders
  • Ranged buy order undercut - currently this is set up to treat your ranged order as undercut if it is not
    the best order in at least 70% of the systems it is active in.
  • Stock levels - warnings about currently active sell orders that are low on stock (<=50% remaining)
  • Suggested stock - Shows previously completed sell orders for items that you no longer have a sell order for

Market browser:

  • Explore the markets, orders update every ~5m, see the orders in any region, system or station.
  • Historic graph is available via the History button

Future plans:

  • Dashboard:

    • Ability to explore top locations for a specific item
    • Display local margin & Jita margin for items shown in the Dashboard
    • Browse universe wide market orders for a specific item
  • Stock management:

    • Copying stock to clipboard with filters to allow fine-grained control
    • Using popular profitable items for active locations to suggest stock
  • Market browser:

    • Adding destroyed data to history graph (fetched from killmails)
    • Volume depth graph
  • Other:

    • Appraisal
    • Discover markets with low remaining volume that may cause price to spike
    • Discover swing trade opportunities
    • Various UI/UX improvements to come

I’m open to ideas, feedback and suggestions. I hope you find what I’ve built so far useful.

Fly safe o7,



Tell me, how often are market statistics updated?
Today is 04/02/2024 and sales statistics until 03/22/2024.


Sorry for the late response - something is definitely up with that - I’ll get it fixed, I refresh that data every 6 hours from everef so it should be pretty consistently up to date. Will get back to you once resolved.

Thanks for highlighting that issue! I don’t use the graph very often so I hadn’t noticed

That issue should now be resolved, while fixing it I decided to pull a little more data so we have data back to around September last year now. I’ve also improved the load time of the graph, should be much better now.

I also wanted to update in this thread some new functionality I added to discover items with profitable margins:

The table above is visible if you filter down to a specific station on the dashboard, or if you click down to an individual market group on the pie chart.

Each column can be hovered on for an explanation as to how it is calculated, everything is sortable and you can scroll down to load more results (in popular stations you’ll need to wait a second or so for the new results to update, its a heavy query on my side to handle it for busy areas)

Future plans around this include adding filtering (e.g. daily volume > x) as well as improving the layout of the table & providing options to make the table bigger for better exploration.

Would love to know what you all think, please remember its a new feature and there may be some bugs so let me know if you spot any.


Hey there @Eurreka

I just wanted to say that I started using your tool recently and I gotta say, one of my favorite third-party tools for EVE of all time… In fact it’s maybe the only one I care to use consistently.

I do trading out of Zarzakh and I appreciate the tool giving me some easy to digest information on that market and more importantly, being able to feed you my character’s data and pulling my orders and allowing me to click one to open it’s market in-game.

Life changing stuff. Thank you very much for creating this tool.

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Awesome to hear! I’m always curious how people are using things and what they are finding useful - if you have any ideas / suggestions or features that would be beneficial for yourself and others don’t hesitate to let me know here or via in game mail

Appriasals are now available, the link is sharable for up to 24 hours. Currently uses Jita pricing, location selection for pricing will come later.

Thank you.
We’ll keep an eye on this.
Your service is gradually becoming very interesting. Thank you very much for your work.

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Thanks! As you were interested in the market browser I thought I’d let you know that there is a volume depth graph available now as well.

Just click the “volume depth” button when you’re on an items market page and you’ll see it - you can also select a specific system / station and see the volume depth at those locations

As a general update here are some of the new features for anyone just joining the thread:

  • Jita appraisal - saved & sharable for up to 24 hours
  • Volume depth graph
  • Taxes & Broker fees are considered for profit calculations on the top items table on the dashboard - defaults to 3.6% + 1.5% respectively. Table can also be sorted by profit.
  • Market browser links are now sharable - easily link to others
  • Discord server has been created to ask for help / general chat / make suggestions / report bugs: Discord Invite

A small update:

  • Watchlists have been added, select which stations you’re interested, paste a list of items and you’ll have a private watchlist you can access whenever you like - it also includes how much the price has changed since the last day of transactions in that location, screenshot below as an example - will be adding the ability to select one of the locations to compare against in the future to easily see the spreads between locations

Updated to add all of the new Equinox items and ships, available via market browser and will start appearing in the dashboard where relevant.

IRL is busy atm so new features are on pause until I have more free time.