Glitch or Conspiracy; Items not appearing on

Currently, not seeing my Robotics listed on There’s over 30k in Luse. They’ve been listed for quite some time and they did appear when they were first listed. I added more and waited a few more days, but still nothing. Is there some sort of bug or exception I’m missing?

Maybe someone is trying to manipulate the market by changing the data on It’s definitely that.

I think your tinfoil hat has grown a little too thick, of all the things to manipulate, a small amount of Robotics in a dead region…

How about you just contact the dev of the website (click the about link)

Out of curiosity and I’m a bit bored, was it an NPC station or Player owned station that you listed them at.

You’re supposed to use tinfoil?

Yeah I contacted the site dev. No response yet.

Player owned.

Player owned are a very different beast as far as the API goes, for NPC structures you can hit a region endpoint and see all the NPC orders in one spot. For player owned structures, you have to query the structure directly via the structure ID which requires ACL permissions to dock. Bit of a pita really and not as easy as NPC prices.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the info.

However, oddly enough, the sell orders of plex don’t show any of the Citadels. Wonder what the dev is up to, maybe just some updates with some unseen changes

Odd that any market orders placed in players structures in Derelik have not been showing for the past few weeks

So maybe the tinfoil hat isn’t too thick

No player Sell orders in any region seem to be working, Buy orders seem to show.

That´s exactly what I recognized…All player-owned station´s sell orders dont show up at evemarketer, buy orders at same station are shown correctly.

That´s why I dont sell stuff, even if I undercut Jita price…traders cant find you via evemarketer tool

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