Evemarketer not showing my structure in the market data

So I have no idea how this forum works or if this is the right place, but Evemarketer is not showing my structure and it’s market on it’s website.

I see that the website show plenty of Tranquillity structures, but then if you hit the “about”, it says the website is ran by Tranquillity?

My market has been open with things for sale in it now for 4 days. Is there something I’m doing wrong, do I need to change an option for it to be found, or is it Evemarketer only shows markets ran by them?

Thanks for your time and help.

I think it must be truly public, means nobody on any denial list. Then it shows up in ESI and can be visible in tools.

Thank you for getting back with a tip.

Unfortunately, we have a zero denial list though :frowning: It’s truly open to the public. Random people have bought and sold a few things here and there, but without gaining access to the market tools, we’ll never be able to compete with Jita or surrounding areas.

I’ll have another look at the settings, but I’m 100% sure there is no denial list.

Thanks again.

Not an ESI expert, but you may need to wait a day to make it show up. Also be careful with your market fees and PLEX traders. TEST will likely not allow you to go below 0.5% for a publIc market near Jita. Hence your market will never be able to compete with TTT in Perimeter.

That’s really good advice, thank you for that. I didn’t consider that one bit. I will take your advice, and I’ll make sure never to drop below that figure for that reason. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware that it was TEST that had all of the Tranquillity buildings, interesting.

I’ve been thinking. I’ve got other structures without markets that are private, could that be what’s effecting this? Do I need ALL of my structures to have free access for my market one to be able to be found?

I don’t think so. For a test, is your structure shown by Adam4EvE https://www.adam4eve.eu/structures.php?region=10000002&system=&sector=&corp=&alliance=&search=&location=30000142&maxJumps=999&group=&structure=&since=&market=true ?

Assuming it has a market and is in The Forge. The newest structure in that list is 5 days old.

If you know the ID of your structure (e.g. by buying smth in that structure and getting the journal via ESI) then login to ESI with a totally unrelated ALT and check if this endpoint returns information on your structure. If so, then also market orders should be exposed by ESI. If not, then you have an ACL in place.


So it is found on Adam4EvE when manually searching for it, we’re not in the Forge, but thank you for checking that. This site tells you how many buy/sell orders there are etc and it has been “seen for 9 days”. But, when I search for something I know is for sale there, it cannot be found. Infact, nothing that’s for sale there can be found. It’s like it knows the station has a market, but has no access to see the items.

With regards to an access list, there is one. There is access for “everyone” along with a couple “friend list” corps that have some discounts there.

Other than that, the building is open to the public. Do I need to remove the friend part of the access list do you think?

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