WTB Spreadsheets ( Character list ) (Corporations)

  1. google spreadsheet that auto-updates and ads all-new characters’ names as there created on eve-online. Ideally, I’d also like the list split evenly into whatever amount of pages I choose You can mail me in-game. Similar to what can be found on https://eveboard.com/ Under new pilots but a full list that auto-updates.

  2. A different google spreadsheet that has a sheet that auto-updates and list all corporations outside of an alliance that has 25 or more members. In another sheet in the same document a list that auto-updates the latest corporations that have left alliances in the last 30 days.

I’m willing to pay a good chunk of isk if I can find the right person to make these for me. If the post is still up I’m still looking for someone. You can mail me in-game as im not super active on the forums.


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