Request additional functionality for "contracts"

As far as I have confirmed within the Add-in, there seems to be no method to reference the contents from “contract_ID.”

I would like to request the addition of new functionality to “.CORPORATION_CONTRACTS” or the addition of a public function, “.CONTRACTS.”

We had a basic version of fetching contract contents in the first release but due to the behaviour of the endpoint, it being so prone to errors, and how slow the addin would have to fetch each contract contents, resulted in that it had to be removed from being built-into the corp/character contracts functions.
Even with the contract fetching as it’s own function there just existed too many possible scenarios where a user could accidentally create esi ban scenarios.

The only way I can see it getting added with the load/access controls we currently have at our disposal would require it to be limited to for example 5 cells/functions at any given time. i.e. a specific function like .(character/corporation)_contracts_contents that would load the contents of a contract_id, even then it could still produce errors but with a more limited scope it should not end up in getting users ESI banned.

The approach would be similar to how _STREAMING functions are limited to 100 variants for another reason, that’s mostly due to technical instability scenarios in the framework when scaled beyond that number. That could very easily lead to esi bans if they occurred. (It could basically be forever looping in restart, request esi, crash, restart, request esi, crash, restart)

This contract contents endpoint scenario being so difficult to provide without the danger of esi bans is also the reason we haven’t worked on implementing public contracts, since it’s so easy to create errors, in massive amounts.

But if the restricted variant of corp/character contracts would still be something that’s usable please let us know so I can give it’s implementation a higher priority.

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